Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tutelage of nuno felt tunic 學生混纖雪紡羊毛上衣

 Since I encountered nuno felt making I almost hooked to the elegant textures on chiffon or silk wearable.  People in our tropical Hong Kong are not quite know about such versatility of wool.  When I told them the summer wearable art piece is made with wool they're puzzled and curious for the making and asked if it's too hot. I said not really.  It's airy and thin.
混纖羊毛成衣尤其是優雅質感又輕且薄的夏日衣裳一向是我喜愛的製作, 但我少有開班教授, 今日我特別教授一位來自澳門很聰敏的學生 Mei, 因為她對羊毛手藝已很有經驗, 輕鬆的幾小時她便完成一件自己合身的混纖羊毛上衣
After I posted my sweet neighbor and the baby dresses I made,  I got some inquiries of teaching.  I'm not keen to teach locally for adult's nuno felt dresses but for little girls are ok. 
Only today I was willing to have a tutelage with an enthusiastic student Mei from Macau.
 Mei is already quite good in wool felting but the first time in making nuno felt wearable.  I taught her to make a tunic so that she can do a prolonged dress by herself after it.  The 3D flowery  textures, seamless and draping are the focus of teaching.
We're supposed to make it in my open yard but of the rainy day, we worked inside.
 Mei is talented and picks up so quickly.  In a few hours of relaxing wool layering, rubbing and rolling........
 here came the nuno felt tunic
Well done girl, thanks for coming the long way from Macau

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Journey of contact prints 植物印染之旅

 Another experiment of botanical prints or I may say contact prints as it's direct from leaves whatever the shapes are. 
The scenery of my journey - "cat walk in the bush".
One is lagging behind to catch up the three in the front.
"wait... wait... wait for me....."
謝謝你在我的植物印染旅途伴我同行, 落後? 會迎上.........,
 Assorted euc and rose leaves plus peeled skin of euc branches to make the swirl lines.  Cut the cat shapes on euc. 
Over the "cats" part I put a paper before wrapping.  Ready to bundle and boil for 1.5 hours
 Viola.... cats are born both on paper and silk fabric
 Prints are same shape but colors are a bit different because of protein
 Prints on paper

 Before & After of the prints

Quite interesting to do the scenery prints.
"Am I lagging behind? Am I alone? No, you're in my company. Thanks readers"

Saturday, July 19, 2014

My signature art book no. 2 我的 "特色"小本子

Another botanical imprinted art book for a special friend. Leaves are mainly maple, assorted euc and melaleuca quinquenenia (白千層樹).  I intended to make it a bit fun with cat shapes cut from leaves.
我很少 (其實不大喜愛) 為人客做特定作品, 我愛自由創作, 隨心隨意, 不受約束的, 也許是我行我素,  但美國的一位人客已先後購買了我多件製作, 她再要定做植物印染小本子, 沒有指定的款式, 祗要是我的任何形式也喜歡, 於是就用我的想像也很用心的完成了這小本.
Front cover with maple leaf
Khaki is the color tone, paper prints are mainly of dark outlines.
In between I inserted the silk fabric of botanical imprints.
The silk fabric is printed with rose leaves, maple and the euc silver dollar to bring some bright color.
A few pages with melaleuca quinquenmervia
I put the silk prints next to the paper prints.  An art book of five signatures with silk fabrics and 8 pages of 2-folded, i.e. 80 single pages or 160 front & back pages.

A cat - looking forward to the new home.....

The nuno felt cover with my self botanical printed silk
Tied with self made ceramic button
A custom order for a special friend .

The book cover is made with my botanical prints with pines and leaves collected in my area.  I made the mirror prints.  One side for the art book.  The other for a nuno felt handbag.

Making something unique is my way of creation
These two art books will be on the way cross the ocean to the States
Thank you for Dawn's support to my work.

Signature art book no. 1 我的 "特色 小本子製作

I made an art book (last post) of botanical imprints both cover and the papers, right after I listed on ETSY it became my  most "fast moving item" thanks to Dawn Edward (Felt So Right)'s  kindness.  My friend also named Dawn from the US also loves that art book and asked me to make the same style plus one other free style.  I really love dawn - the morning beam of hope and brightness.  Love you both Dawn.  
So....... last week, I buried myself in the creation specially for Dawn, while I was making the papers, doing stitch by stitch I was thinking of my friend how she appreciates the nature, the trees, the leaves and kindness to an artisan.
早前在 ETSY 上架的 一本手作小本子, 不消一刻便售出. 有美國朋友人特意定製兩本作為私人小記及送禮, 因而這星期埋頭用心的製作, 完成了, 在後山溪流拍攝了這輯相片.
Here's the one special made with love ........
Nuno felt cover of textural surface with sprinkling glass beads, tied with euc silver dollar heart shaped book mark, enclosed with self made ceramic button.
Front cover with natural printed rose leaf
I wanted to make this art book more colorful with the silk fabric printed mainly with euc silver dollar and rose leaves
A book of 5 signatures,  in between inserted with the silk prints, i.e. a book of 90 single sided papers or 180 pages front and back.
I used my botanical printed silk to make the nuno felt cover
I made the leaves prints on silk fabric then cut it into five equal section, pressed with under-lining to make the silk "pages" firmer, hand stitched the edges.  Yes, I insisted on handmade -  a touch of love.
The papers are steam printed with assorted leaves collected in my area.  
All done. A walk in my area after the storm, cool with running stream
An art book with aroma of nature
Special for the one who wants to keep her special thoughts
All the printed pages are individual
Special for you Dawn - a warm heart coming along
Book mark is made with two leaves prints - euc silver dollar and rose leaf. That is the theme of the art book.
A secret book with thoughts enclosed with the ceramic button
Book cover of nuno felt textural effect
This is special made for a special one with my "signature"
Another art book of different color tone followed next.

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