Monday, August 30, 2010

Another fruitful day to share

Sunday a private session of wet felt was held in my Stanley house. eL & aT come for a tailor-made class for cobweb, baby bootie, brooch and cuff.

Such nice stuff by eL & aT. Love their work and enthusiasm.

Soft color of the cobweb and the hat pins are going well with the cobweb.

Yellow bootie done by aT, blue one by eL for her new born niece.

See how they made it.
Bootie fulling in an enclosed resist.
The girls found it amazing to have done a pair of bootie in one go !!

Laying the cobweb and doing the fulling. A cobweb looks a big project but takes less time.

The girls are talented and were capable to finish all nice stuff in only 6 hours. We’ll be doing another class for a wool felt box in the coming weekend. I call it a “jewelry box” which needs tactful. Should be another nice piece to share then.

Below are my trials. It’s time to make some scarfs, booties and gloves for the coming winter. I’m really into it and can’t wait to do more and more…… Would be a good idea to give away in the festive season. Baby booties are always so cute and lovely.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who broke my .........

Mogi asked "What's up?" and Tiger said "I was sleeping."
Who has broken my ......... not heart but my own made ceramic mugs.
Obviously it’s done by cats . Tiger or Mogi did it? No idea. Most likely it’s Mogi as he’s the new comer and just able to jump up the bench and scratches the magnets on the fridge. Probably when he scratched the magnets his limbs pulled all mugs down the floor.
The mugs are roughly made, not that pity but I was in a hurry to office after clean up. I didn’t blame them and quite tolerated.
I just asked them "who’s the naughty boy ?" Wordless, sigh !
Sweet boy, you’re spoilt ! Who wants to punish you?

Former look of the mugs

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Office town meeting

Last Friday, Corp. Depts. of our company held the 3rd quarter town meeting in a Gold Coast resort. This year focusing on Team Strengthening. After the opening and company updates, followed by chairman’s coaching session and team building in the beach.
It’s a hot sunny day we did the game under tree shade, not too bad indeed.
Through the game and the process we may apply learning at work and in personal life with the can-do attitude, enthusiastic, be engaged, positive in front of challenge, prioritize and get focused……... Well, easy said than done.
Anyway it’s the annual off-site get together for colleagues to catch up and a break in the fresh outing.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The book "84 Charing Cross Road"

Today borrowed from library "The World Breeds of Dogs" as reference for my needle felt dog. Just made a brown one. Looks like Dachshunds.

Still catching up the charming little book "84 Charing Cross Road" written by NY writer Helene Hanff about her 2 decades touching correspondence with London book seller Frank Doel in the 70's and her post journey to England. She quoted "The Cotswolds are just what I always thought they'd be : streches of green countryside pocketed with English villages that seem not to have changed since the time of Elizabeth I." Which reminds my visit to Jan some time ago. She shown me around Cotswolds.

Bibury in Cotswolds - Truely it stands for hundred years

Typical houses of Cotswolds

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