Saturday, November 16, 2019

Botanical printed garments ideas 植物印染服裝製作

Earlier this month I was away to Hangzhou, China for some days, not only to see the poetic West Lake but the main purpose was to attend a fashion making workshop in the China National Silk Museum invited by Hong Kong textile expert Edith Cheung. These are the garments I made after the workshop which is exactly what I wanted to apply the skills to make use of my numerous botanical imprinted panels.

It's by chance the fashion exhibition of Dior in the China National Silk Museum
We have good opportunity to view the many master pieces.
Participants from different provinces of China attentively listening to expert's lecture. We learnt various western cutting skills from masters of last century, such as Christian Dior, Madeleine Vionnet, Charles James......
The first part we learnt was to turn pieces of long scarfs into our own designed wearable look.
This was what I done not that special - a wrap/ shawl connected with two different pieces of scarves.
After that we learnt the techniques of cutting / draping and made a few miniature samples as well a fascinator.  It's fun learning and making in the workshop with students of different background who are fashion designers. I'm not that clever to take up the skills of measurement and cutting.  The workshop did inspire me to do simple cutting and sewing.

It's autumn. Leaves just turning yellow yet willows still green.  The ambiance in the Silk Museum was so nice and calm.  Everyday we walked across the pond to have lunch and coffee. 

In the morning I went to the West Lake and the nearby park.

Such a livable city of Hangzhou with brilliant natural scenery and greenery everywhere.
We managed to do hiking and walking in the bush after workshop.
Sounds we're in the still days of thousands years ago.
Also visit to a friend's spacious fashion gallery.
Linbai has own line of fashion. She's so kind to us, treated us meals, tea and exchanged ideas.
We have a fabulous day out in her studio and shop.  Such enjoyable interaction with the young designer in China.
I was home with a few pretty leaves.  Ginkgo is one of my fav.
Nice outcome of prints on leather.
 Among other leaves, ginkgo looks like a real leaf fallen on the soft sheep leather.
Now that I have some ideas to make use of the panel prints done in eco printing workshops.
The piles of printed fabrics in Holland will be made into garments shortly.
The eucalyptus prints on woolen fabric in Uruguay are bold and strong.
Able to make something wearable from scratch is such a keepsake for own.
I started the drawing, cutting and sewing with the helping hands of Mogi.
A simple wrap-cloth made like this.
The making was to cut off 1/4 length to connect the ends like this.
  Added in the corner with remnant of soft sheep leather to make the collar "standing" and two loops at the bottom with tie knot.
"V" shape of collar.
A style with loops and tie knot
Another look without tying makes difference.

Just fine in the cool autumn days.
Another piece of Uruguay botanical printed woolen fabric sewed.
I really like this piece of easy making and multi-styled wrap/coat.

Free size for a mother and my girl.

The same pattern applies on viscose drapes lightly.  Here's the look.
Viscose fabric mordant in tannin solution of tea and tree barks then printed.

This is viscose indigo dyed then printed, another wearable wrap drapes well.

This is madder dyed and botanical printed cotton and viscose of different red tone.

The pattern I learnt from Revital Avidar in Irit Dulman's textile workshop in Spain.  Pattern is for a dress but I modified it to a shirt of raglan sleeves.

This top of silk raglan sleeves.  Front and back cotton dyed in cochineal then botanical printed.
 These days I have already made 6 pieces of wearable from panel experiments.

Still have piles of printed fabrics waiting for my creation.  Certainly after this workshop I got lots inspiring ideas to make use of the fabrics.
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