Thursday, July 1, 2021

Botanical printing with academics and professionals

The 2-day workshop of botanical imprints making finished with colorful result.  Participants from fashion academics, designers and artists are very creative.  We used different mordants for various fabrics, all are natural fibres. Silk, wool, linen with natural dyes and plants own pigments outcome is unexpected.  



See the fun of unwrapping.....
 I'm happy to share some images of my teaching in the well equipped lab.
With all "ingredients" in hand we started the making.
Everyone concentrated in laying.

First piece of work by a fashion designer.
Bright and cheerful
Cochinael dying is so strong
First day is introduction of botanical printing and fabric mordant preparation.
Day 2 is printing on chiffon silk, silk jersey and silk linen.
We used seasonal flowers and plants.

Golden yellow from alum mordant.
Dying and printing in one go.
Also effect of discharge and resist taught.

Very rich colour
Shades from different natural dyes

Tones of yellow and purple 
We also used cotton for mono effect simply with iron.

Two different effect done in one go.
Quite a nice combination

Another creative piece by experienced artist.
Bright and eye catching yellow with grey background

Willow and fern as well eucalyptus and oxalis

Shades of botanical printing on three different fabric materials - silk linen, cotton and silk jersey.

Rich and autumn feel
Mono windfall
"Which one you like best?"
Thank you academics, designers and artists.  You're so creative.

Line up of my interaction with such professional group was initialed by artists on the day I viewed the Cheongsam exhibition in THEi institute.  They're interested in my own eco printed cheongsam and invited me to teach kind of botanical imprints on fabric.  

 THEi is a renowned fashion institute. Fashion show and display in school.

The day I visited the exhibition
The fabric of cheongsam I worn was done in Israel in Irit Dulman's workshop. 
The other day I was invited to attend a seminar of Aesthetics and Craftsmanship of Cheongsam making - now the Hong Kong cheongsam making has been inscribed onto National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.  If I can learn the skills of making cheongsam with own eco printed fabric would be good.  Thought of learning now.




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