Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Uruguay Eco Prints Workshop 烏拉圭植物印染課程

 Almost half a month stay in the beautiful resort in La Paloma, Uruguay for the eco prints workshops finished.   A month ago when I set my feet in the South America country I already fell in love of the ambiance.  The fragrance of eucalyptus and all sorts of the local species of plants were such inspiring for our creation.
Yes, this is my cup of style and unexpected outcome of the prints..... I love all what I've made.
I arrived very late in the resort Altos de la Serena in Rocha where we're staying and learning.  In the early morning the dog greeted us.
 A beautiful resort for working, learning and relaxing.
With the wonderful team of master Irit Dulman, Andrea, Elisa, Ludmila and Lia we started the fabulous workshop.....
Andrea was so kind to pick us many species of local plants for the workshop.
After the briefing and introduction on the first day we started the printing.....
The resort is so well equipped, spacious and theme decorated.

Meals were all my taste. 
 Healthy and colorful
Sweet Hanan let me taste her Mate tea. Nice to know the culture.
 In the evening wine, song ..... the happy moments.
The greenery,  blue skies and the surrounding are inspiring.

Always the moments of unwrapping were so excited with laughs.
Happy with the prints, Jane?
Dyes and prints
Ellen's a cheerful lady.  I love all the garments she wears in own natural prints.
On the last day we made tones of prints and the dried plants went to earth.
In the last session we focused in making prints with all sorts of eucalyptus.  So bright, so bold and the rich colors made us happy.
Thank you master Irit Dulman.  Your expertise is marvelous.  We learnt so much.  Each student made their styles with favourite plants.
I particularly like the delicate flower prints on cellulose fabrics.
 Eucalyptus prints on cotton made this scenery.
 Pile of assorted fabrics in the first session.

And the pile of bright color from eucalyptus printed on silk and wool.
My wonderful days in Uruguay forever in my good memory.......
not only the workshop I learnt so much but also the environment of the place.  Just a few minutes walk from the resort is the beautiful beach.....
horse riding .....
a dog in the beach as we're appreciating the stunning ocean
In between the workshops we took  guided tours in the area.  The light house is the landmark of Rocha.
The other day we went with Paula to Seccion for picnic.....
crossed the river by Paula's canoe
Walked up the sand dune
strolling in the fine beach
till the sunset
We've a great day !
My trip in Uruguay was brimming with fruitful experience of eco printing and friendship.
I will remember all the mates I met in the workshop and our good time together.

 Mates of two workshops

On the last day we left the resort an intruder came.  She's kind, a goat.  Seems she wanted to say goodbye to us.  
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