Saturday, May 30, 2020

Botanical imprinted leather purses 植物印染皮包包

Another experiment of plants imprints just done. Simply a leather clutch of botanical printing. 
Raw leather printed with plants grasped from my urban yard. Swatches cut into pieces and sewed the purses.
This is layout on leather.

Background pink dye from logwood chips.
After some time of heating, botanical marks and dyes imprinted on leather then mounted to air dry.

Before and after of the leather prints.

Swatches sewed into purses. Size of this is good as cosmetic bag.
Another piece of rectangle size swatch just three-fold made into a clutch.
A simple clutch for little things.

So I’m indulged in experiments and my samples are sometimes made into something practical.

The video is about the making of prints. Hope you get inspired.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Eco printed scarf-vest

This eco printed silk scarf-vest, I call it multi-styled scarf was originally printed for curtain purpose ordered by a US client but she quoted wrongly the size so I keep it and repurposed it.
Formerly printed two yardages mainly with eucalyptus and passion fruit leaves..
It’s the layout for curtains.
Design mainly of eucalyptus, simply less is more.
When my client regretted for the size she quoted, I’m fine not to charge for the cancellation but I do not want to make another one. Indeed I do not enjoy custom orders as it’s quite a pressure to meet others' expectation. I just like to sell “what you see what you get “ or the techniques of printing. So I added more of own grown yellow daisy to make  the rich prints and modified to another function.
Just cut arm holes and round corners and sewed. Simply an easy scarf-vest made.
The fresh yellow tone with more alum mordant yellow flowers.
A vest upside-down or in & out, or wrap around scarf all in one piece.

The two pieces yardages made into two garments, each as gift for two good friends whom we known for ages since childhood.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Yellow flower eco printed leather and paper小黃花皮革與紙張植物印染

 These days I grasped the blooming of own grown chrysanthemum coronarium to do more experiments, mainly on leather and paper.  In my experience this flower prints so bold and strong on most substrates even with no mordant. Usually I do leather scraps printing. Then make it something functional just like this purse and paper prints on general conquer letter head.
 This video shows the making of leather and paper prints then made into purses and art journal.  Just an idea to inspire.
 Finished and approved by Mogi.
My girl showing it...... 
The day after biking my friend brought me to her field to get some perillae (紫穌葉)folium and  cosmos as well some marigold.

 I love so much this sort of flowers, so bright and cheerful color.
Laid out then heated a while ..... 
 Unbundled leather printed with bright flowers and the leaf of perillae folium is striking.
Golden yellow and orange color.......printing from the flowers on suede side of sheep hide.
 Marigold (萬壽菊)was soaked in iron solution overnight.  Purple shade from lac dye.

 Leather purse made with botanical printing.
Size good as cosmetic bag.
 After the printing with perillae folium I took the fresh leftover to make noodle meal.  Noodle in soup with tomato and egg just like the color tone of the printing.  I am pleased.
 This is art journal printed with own grown yellow daisy on paper then bound a journal with suede leather printed cover.
  Embellished with wool felt brooch.
 Art journal leather cover printed with cosmos and yellow daisy.
 Purple shade from logwood dye.
 Can't stop making use of the leather prints.  A few art journals were made.
 Printed papers and leather covers all made these diy art journals.
 I like to make such "handmade and unique" art books finished with embellishments, a stone or a broken pottery picked in beach or a brooch with own made ceramic leaf.
 This is only part of the printed leather scraps made into purses.  Can't remember how many pieces I have made but quite a lot. Friends know me well I seldom sell my purses but do give away on special occasions.  Honestly my sewing skill is not that good.  I sell my skills of eco printing, sometimes teach in workshops.  For the basic eco printing on animal protein substrates and papers I have instant download pdf tutorials in ETSY.  Here's tutorial for fabrics and paper  and this is tutorial for leather prints.
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