Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My cats wrestling

My cats Tiger and Mogi are getting quite along. They always play like this, chasing and "fighting". They never scream, I take it that they just compete each other and doing wrestling !

Tiger always licks Mogi. I don't know why. May be that means "hey, boy I captured you !"
"Oh, guy I surrender. I'm tired!"

"Let's do another round"

1, 2, 3........Mogi, you lost.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bright Jewelry Box

Last couple of weekends Eva and Amanda made a wool felted jewelry box and Katy made a scarf. To make a 3-D box with a round rim is a bit tricky. You'll see below how they made it. A finished box by Eva. I call it "jewelry box" as it can be used for keeping little treasures and the rib is rounded with beads and stones. Looks elegant, isn't it?

Or put a LED lamp inside it's romantic for candle light dinner !

The box with yellow flower was made by Amanda. She said the flower looks more like a coral then a flower. Katy made a scarf. I was intended to teach her a cobweb, instead she prefers a full scarf and made this nice and warm one.

After the box and scarf, I shown them to make a felted soap. Soaps with coat are lovely and typically cute with a sheep on it.
See how they made a box. First covered the resist with wool. After fulling & rubbing then cut the top lid and stitched the rib round and felt to the right size firmly. Finally decorated the lid with flower or anything.
To make a scarf is laying the wool and full it like this.
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