Thursday, August 20, 2020

Tutorial of Leather-Linen-Paper botanical imprints making

I am happy that during this critical time I still quite creative in natural printing and just consolidated my years hard work and combined a written tutorial of enhanced botanical imprints on substrates of leather, blended linen silk and paper. 
My new version of botanical imprints is mainly of flower prints on leather with mordant to enhance in-depth and vivid of natural prints.  I have the last version of botanical imprints on leather which do not need mordant it's the basic imprints technique and only focus on leather printing.  This new listed instant download tutorial is not only leather imprints with my way of mordant, also sporadically mention of blended linen silk and the ideas of combo leather & linen fashion accessories creation.  Last but not least is the bonus of paper prints making.  So this is my latest version of botanical imprints with leather-linen-paper inspiring ideas of bounty from nature.

E-book of 64 A4 size pages with more than 250 colorful images and steps of making prints from mordant and "before & after" images for reference.
Can't imagine such vivid prints of flowers leaving striking marks on leather.
Always peeling off is the exciting moment.
Flower and leaf are good pair.
Shades of yellow on dark background.

Gerbra is such delicate printing.
"Before and After" - placement for reference.

Second part of the tutorial is blended linen silk mordant and sample prints making. You'll see the strong to light gradient color.

I will show the sample making of  fashion accessory of this combo leather-linen creation. 
A reversible chic belt of leather and linen.
It's so nice to make prints with own grown flowers. A purse I made with the hydrangea my husband planted for me.
I made the prints with flowers picked from friend's house.
Idea of making purse.....
and scraps for art journal cover.
A bonus of the tutorial with paper prints making.
Prints on papers for greeting cards, tags, art journal or any purposes.
I enjoy process of handmaking.
 Sneak peek of the instant download eBook tutorial. You may like to browse the listed item on my ETSY

Thank you for stopping by.  Stay safe and well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

A quick update

Can't imagine it's been 2 months I was absent from blogging. This is a difficult year for everyone. We're not free to travel even walking locally.  Days are boring and daunting but show must go on.  I immerse myself in the colorful world with limit access to the nature.  Still doing some creation and designs with my stuff.  A quick update for what I am up to in a nutshell.

I have done some dress making with simple designed pattern and combo creation with leather and linen.  What's more is I'm going to list my latest version of tutorial on enhanced leather imprints, sporadically mention of blended linen mordant and prints as well paper printing.

Stay tuned I will be back shortly when the instant download pdf tutorial is listed.

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