Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mixed media figurine 多媒體創作

Can't stopping making Paverpol. This time I made the skeleton with Paverpol but dressed up with nuno felt gown to make the soft fabric texture.
It's easy to put on nuno felt and shape it fit on the body
Before I played with Paverpol I used to make with ceramic or paper clay for the body like these other two.
Sharon G. taught me this wonderful textile craft, I then created my way to do my nuno felt gown. This fabric is natural printed with leaves.  I first soaked the silk fabric in alum water and assorted eucalyptus leaves in alum water overnight so color is a bit yellow. 
All done and ready for a cat walk....
My elegant beauty of mixed media

Now I can make the models of my nuno felt with Paverpol that allows me to make bigger and taller.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Logwood dye to Paverpol craft 布藝人型

Paverpol - craft making with textile - I've not  made nor even heard before.   When I was in Canada early this month for the natural print workshop, my host Sharon G was so kind to teach me to make the statue.  Yesterday I made this "Purple Fair Lady" with the logwood dyed fabric. 
Paverpol 一樣很特別的手工藝物料, 在香港我沒有接觸過也找不到材料的製作, 月前在加拿大Sharon 教我做了下列兩個公仔擺設, 回港後我自行製作了這款我稱之為  Purple Fair Lady, 因為是用紫色的布料, 那絲質料是在加拿大以 logwood 染色的, 
這次回來我買了 Paverpol 及 logwood染料, 這些獨特以布料浸上 Paverpol定型的公仔會是我日後做 nuno felt 華麗裙子的 model
I made these two statues while I was in Canada Sharon's studio
Back home I made this "Purple Fair Lady"
Paverpol is sort of craft we cut strips from cotton T-shirt (used is fine) and soak the strips in the hardener (Paverpol) then wrap around the body, frame made with wire.  The body then covered with fabrics.  Since I may not find  Paverpol supplies in Hong Kong,  I bought two cans from Sharon.
The day before I departed Canada I also bought the logwood dye and alum.  All together with cans of Paverpol I put in my baggage.  When I claimed luggage on arrival I found my suitcase was forced opened.   I found inside the baggage the "Notice of Baggage Inspection".  Looks if some suspected drugs inside!  Fortunately all in good status. 
 Sara Felts and Ginny H. gave me some silk fabrics in Canada.  I printed with some leaves and dyed in logwood pot there.  I made the "Purple Fair Lady"  with the purple silk.
Here's how I made it.
Made the frame with wire, soaked cotton strips in black Paverpol,  mummy wrapped with cotton strips, sat it on the bottle tip, soaked the bigger pieces of fabric with logwood dye, wrapped over the body.  After dried became the firm statue. 
He, that naught thing was so curious!
Statues of elegant and bronze looks.  I like to play with textile.  This way I can make some more elegant figurines with the body then put on my nuno felt dress.  I'll explore the sort of craft.
I'll also do some experiments with logwood dye to make purple color.
Thank you so much for Sharon to introduce me such beautiful craft.  Thank Sara Felts and Ginny H. for the silk fabrics that I dyed/ printed  with pretty leaves in Canada.  Those will be "ingredients" for my next project.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blue scarf talk 圍巾話語

A week ago  I received email enquiry about nuno felt workshop from Zeinab whom I do not know before.  She searched internet and found me. She just moved to Hong Kong for 3 months and interested in nuno felt but not much info can be found here and asked if I can teach. I left her my studio address. Oh my goodness she lives next to my studio but we haven't met before. It's so nice we have a tutelage today. Zeinab and her daughter Layla came to my studio and made this nuno felt scarf.
收到電郵問及我會否教做nuno felt,一輪電郵溝通後我們定下日子及留下我的赤柱工作室地址,真巧合,原來學生Zeinab是剛來港定居已三個月,居住在我工作室左隣,因我少往工作室末曾相遇過,今日Zeinab及七歲的女兒 Layla來到做 nuno felt 圍巾,兩個多小時他們完成了漂亮質感圍巾及羊毛指環,小女孩好開心的捧著我送給他的鳥兒與羊兒,Zeinab 已約定下一次學做nuno felt 裙子給女兒。
A scarf of two sides, one of merino wool and the other with textural effect with chiffon base.
Mother and daughter activity on the first day of winter break
Merino wool and mulberry silk over silk chiffon
After an hour layering wool, next to do "rock n' roll".  
"Are you tired Layla?"
"Come on my little helping hands" 
Some more touch up for mum and playtime for daughter.....
A nuno felt scarf with textural effect is done in two hours
That's the color Zeniab adores.
In the meantime, I taught Layla to make a wool felt ring.
Mum made a scarf. Sweet little girl made the ring and went home with needle felted bird and sheep. I just love this gorgeous active sweetie. 
Thank you Zeinab and Layla. Hope to see you next time when I'm in my studio.
This is another student making a nuno felt scarf last week.
She incorporated wool yarn on the surface.
Another textural look. Just love the color of blue and purple.
What so coincidentally I received a package from my blog friend Susanne (Forget-Me-Not) from the US a day before. She's very good in crocheting and  so kind to send me a crocheted scarf and some crocheted balls for my cat. My cat likes the balls and I love the scarf.
Color of the scarf is pretty and goes so well in styles.
Suzanne, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. We're warm enough in the chilly winter

Thursday, December 19, 2013

From scratch to styles 簡約被搭

Since back from NA, my plate is full. I wanted to do this and that. I want to make pavepol Sharon was so kind to teach me, I want to make another teapot learnt from Pamela A. McGregor.  All that will be done in a couple of days. 
 Before that I went to the fabric shop and sourced the "boiled wool"  for my experiment with assorted leaves.  I was hesitated if it's truly wool fabric.  The shop owner immediately burnt for me.  Hmmmm, smelt good !  Bought a yard for testing. How it turnout ? Photos speak themselves.
   These days we're getting into winter, it's chilly today at 9C only.  Wrapped me up and walked in the sun.
回港一星期了, 仍是馬不停蹄, 滿腦子想這想那的, 不過, 第一時間仍是去我的不二之選布行 "滿裕布行" 找料, 給我找到白色羊毛絨布, 買了一碼做植物印染試驗, 果然是好料, 就以這一碼的料子做件簡約被搭, 今天很冷, 被在陽光下, 洒出金黃.........
A two-fold shawl
Slip into arm holes.....
 simply a vest
 No more no less, just a yard of fabric
From scratch to styles, a vest or ....
a shawl also makes my days warm
Here's how it's made. The "boiled wool" is great for cutting, no sewing needed. I put kinds of eucalyptus leaves, rose leaves, onion skins and a little tea leaves over the fabric.  Rolled up with a thin paper core and simmered for 3 hours in a pot with onion skins and vinegar.

I used onion skin from one onion for boiling since I don't need too strong but still got the dark tie lines.  Still good for me.  That's the experiment I got from here that all pigment from onion skin absorbed by the wool fabric as the water in the dye pot is so clear after 3 hours boiling.
Unwrapped.... rose leaves, euc leaves and onion skins....

Bold and clear prints of euc and rose leaves with little tea leaves spots
Euc cinerea is particular impressive
Euc with seeds of orange but brown leaves
Rose leaves and onion skins
Brown spots are tea leaves
Well, I cut the flat fabric two arm holes with the copy of a vest since I'm no good in measuring.
Lined the two holes with tore silk scraps from my "not-so-good" prints
Hand stitched the arm holes
So, no more no less.  I made the flat sheet with two holes.
Make it a vest...
or double fold to make it a shawl
 Mogi, "Mum, you made it, you made a bright warm day!"
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