Monday, June 27, 2022

Mother and girl botanical printing

These days students of mother and daughter. Both love to do eco botanical printing on linen and silk for a trial. Just after greetings from Mogi they started layout and rolling. By end of the day they created bold and unique printing. Dark shades from effect of iron and tannin. Red/orange from eucalyptus cinerea. Except euc other leaves are from wild.  


Saturday, June 18, 2022

Series of botanical printed leather and fabric fashion accessories

Botanical printing could be addicted once you tried as seasonal flowers make us trials.  These days I just done some printings on leather and linen silk blend. You see some of the creations with seasonal flowers.

Printed substrates are mainly lamb leather which are so soft and with mordant printing is bold.

A little introduction of me (tk) Terriea Kwong, TerLing Creations is my brand. Hope you enjoy the area with crashing wave.    This is Hong Kong.
A small piece of lamb hide printed in one go and cut into two pieces to make two belts.

 Actually the main part of belt is leather and the other is linen silk.
Close up of the leather printing.
Lining and half part of the belts are silk linen blend, the fabric I like most to do botanical eco printing.

You see how curious my cat Mogi who is my approver.

 All these printing on silk linen.
The leather belts are going well easy with dresses, jeans or skirts. They're not hard to sew but making the botanical printing is a bit tricky and work of mordant.  Once mastered you can create own styles of layout and design your accessories.  I have the instant download pdf tutorial mainly for the mordant leather printing, silk linen and paper printing.  All materials for mordant and printing are natural dyes and ingredients. Feel free to browse if you're interested.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Cycling inspired botanical printing

Cycling in our rural is inspiring, all seasons with different flowers and weeds. Got a few coreopsis combined with eucalyptus I made a tapestry.\Nice ride with buddies to explore our nature and get inspired creation.
After the ride I've handful of plants to play with and made the tapestry. A keepsake for the mate whom we share drinks after cycling.
Printing as this on silk linen I need to mordant the main fabric with homemade tannin simply with fermented eucalyptus tree barks and covered with blanket rubbed with rusts that's we called iron blanket.
   This is the simple basic way to print on silk protein fabric just with tannin mordant and iron cover.
Printing with all those flowers on leather is more tricky.

Peeling off is like opening a gift - yes gift from nature.
  A small piece of leather is printed and something I'm going to make.
Like-minded friends may know what I've done with this leather and fabric printing.
Final touch and will post shortly the making.
  Similar way of making of botanical leather printing is available in my ETSY instant download pdf tutorial
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