Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wool felt boy and girl I made 我塑我做的一對

Last post was a wool felt girl. To have a pair, I made the boy.   
Now that a family with a sheep and a Schnauzer.
針氈的公仔不是我的強項也不是我的興趣,  配合濕氈做出來的效果是我的新嘗試, 都幾可愛罷.
Hubby said the boy looks boorish.  Haha.... he's a kind heart.  He's soft and tender !粗獷的牛王頭也有細心的一面.......
It's made with wet felt and needle felt.  Used with a bamboo blind to roll the arms and legs with thin wire enclosed.  Wet felted the shirt, the vest and the trousers.  Head and hair are needle felted.頭部與頭髮是針氈做, 手腳衣服都是濕氈法.
"Go go go..... let's go to the bush."
"Ah, the sheep is following us!"
"Can you hear the echo of waves?"
"This bay is tranquil."
"Yes, quite."
A moody Sunday morning I walked to the pier....... 
Lots of sampans and boats.
Up to the hill ....
Caught my sight are the Delonix Regia (Flame of the Forest).  Love the flare like flowers. This cheered me up. 
Blooming and withered.
Needle felt is not my favour, not to mention figurine making. My first trial to do the pair. They're not match but still good.  If one day I have to give them away they're always a pair.
"Oh, I'm falling  噢 !我掉下了."
"I hold you tight, we're always together.有我扶你一把"
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wool felt doll enhanced with eyes 羊毛小妮子

Just made this wool felt doll.  This is another trial with the skills got from YouTube for the wool felt ropes to make hands and legs.  
最近看到 YouTube 製作 羊毛繩條子技巧, 靈機一觸, 何不一試自己加點創意, 做一 個羊毛小娃, 把羊毛包著幼鐵絲使手足可「屈曲」, 可坐可企, 更有姿態 !!??
I asked  bloggers's should I add the eyes or just leave it. Most said go for it. Thank you bloggers.
See the comparison photo above.
Here's how it's made.
1. Laid the wool on a bamboo blind with a thin wire over it.  Rolled and rubbed to make the ropes.
2. Wet felt the wool sheet for the coat.
3. Stuffed the body and head then connected the limbs.
4. Cut the arm holes to dress up.
5. Stitched with beads for eyes.
I made the ropes with wire inside so that the arms and legs are "movable".  The YouTube of rope demo (click to view) is GREAT.
Limbs  coated with wire are wonderful  ......
She can stand up firm.
Relaxing poses with crossed legs.

 Riding with flowers.
Without eyes we don't know her expression.
With the two dots enhance the beauty. She sees the world of hope and black & white !
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wool felt doll - please advise should I add eyes

Just made this wool felt doll.  I intended to make without facial expression but hubby said it looks "terrible" without eyes.  Could my bloggers advise how do you think.  I'll post next time details of making. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fun doing in lunch break午間偷閒

Our offices are in the remote hi-tech zone.  There're no shopping mall, no grocery store but a peaceful harbour.  Usually I like to stroll along the promenade after lunch.  It's cool to walk along and see the music fountian in a hot summer day.  These days weather forecasts are no good, showers or thunderstorms are expected  for the whole week.   Well, just grasped the lunch time to do a simple thing. 
 My colleagues J & K are interested in wool felt.  This day my pleasure to guide them to make an iPhone pouch.   
 They laid the wool and  found it's amazing with  only  water and soap can do such tough goodies.
 After steps of laying, fulling, rubbing.....
 Here the finished looks. Both sides are pretty. . 

My imagination  related to the lavender field in Gorde, Provence for the color of purple.
Field with little yellow flowers among lavender.

The blue one recalls my friend's painting drawn in France, also fields of lavender.

Indeed K wanted it an aqua look with seaweeds and tortoise.  Where's the tortoise? We don't have time to make the details.  Anything goes well with own imagination.!!   

Here're steps of making.

J & K said it's fun  like playing magic to have done such pouches without stitches or seams.  Going to be smug and we're expected to do a purse or something in detail.
Yes, a few years ago when I saw a pouch in a crafts market of wool felt, I immediately love the amazing craft and dug the ways of making it.  I'm most happy to offer the skills just want more people to explore the versatility of wool.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What to do with this prints 又一植物印染的效果

 Again I tried the eco prints on silk fabric. 
I bought from florist the fresh eucalyptus cinerea leaves and got the free rose leaves.
1. Fresh eucalyptus cinerea leaves bought
2. Laid on the silk fabric with eucalyptus leaves, rose leaves and a few windfall of other unknown breed of eucalyptus (the bottom narrow ones), covered with another piece so to make two pieces in one-go
3. Bundled and steamed in rice cooker for 45-min and stayed overnight
4. Unbundled after 2 days   
 Comparison of before and after
 Eucalyptus leaves prints are bold and bright red while rose leaves are green.

 Dried buds/cups prints of the eucalyptus
 Two pieces made in one go. Both are bold and sharp.  This is experiment on silk fabric. What to do with them?
 For the balcony door curtain?
 Mogi loves the curtains dancing in the breeze.
 Or use it as a scarf?
Is this style good? It's hot in Hong Kong. Well, a silk scarf is fine when we're in the air-con. office.
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Clowns bring laugh and happiness 歡樂的小丑

 Clown is always the symbol of happiness. These babies were made by my pottery tutors CC and Peter.  The awesome clowns with the lovely elephants are among the joint-exhibits of ceramics in an arts centre . See how cheerful they are ! 
看著小丑的笑顏, 自然感染開心歡樂。 今日去了參觀陶瓷老師蔡芷的聯展, 這些展品是老師的作品, 每一件都是仔細作品, 無論色彩、表情、形態都很細緻。 

 Today I went to see the opening of the exhibition.
 A talk on ceramics in China
 Exhibits in the hall
 Ceramic with  lights
 Some are of traditional
Ceramics of cats are always my favourites.
 The colorful circus group caught my eye.  Babies of CC & Peter.
 The clown with grin brings laugh and fun.
 Every piece is so delicate with action and expression.
 No wonder the circus group drawn attention.  I love them most, not of flattering.
 Today I also celebrated with my mum for the Mother's Day.  I bought her some flowers.
 Then we went out to have Vietnamese dishes.
 My daughter's thoughtfulness.  She bought me a pretty hair clip in a lovely pack with sweet wording   " Stay pretty, stay young....".  I do wish.  

Wish all mothers like this clown always smile.  Wish children happy, fortuate and healthy so that mothers are peace of mind.

願天下母親笑顏常開如小丑一樣歡樂,  孩子們幸福快樂, 父母親無憂.
母親節快樂 !
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