Sunday, November 21, 2021

Botanical printed substrates and designs 植物印染可塑之創作

Art journals made of botanical printing, wool felt covers or leather with eco printed covers. All handmade.  I was asked what I am up to.  Well still indulge in experiments of botanical printing on different substrates and made something practical.  The printed fabrics made into garments and accessories such as tote bags and belts.  Printed papers and leathers for art journals. Combined with nuno felt skills for art journal cover.   All those are flexible and creativity is sky limit.  You will see below images speak themselves.....
Set of botanical printed dress and leather
Leather printed with plants then sewed with linen with same tone botanical prints into a belt.

The leather former printed not pleased then I reprinted again it become a bit hard. 

Found it better to sew a shoulder purse.

Another piece of leather so soft it is good to make it a purse.

Two sides of a shoulder purse, one side of leather and other of linen.  Both with flowers and leaves gathered on bike rides.

Scrapes of leather prints are not wasted. I made it as handles for tote bag purses. 
Papers printed with botanicals are kind of greeting cards or art journal pages.
Different kind of papers have assorted combination and results.

Flowers and leaves are my favourite resources
Book cover with water color paper prints
Book cover with nuno felt and eucalyptus printed
Book cover of leather and botanical printing
Can't recall how many art journals I have made but lots and some already gave away.
All those with leather prints, nuno felt prints, paper prints are botancial eco printing technique.
My on line shop ETSY listed instant download pdf tutorials for making such prints.  You may like to browse.

Art journal making

Leather printed purses

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