Monday, April 13, 2020

Various botanical printed leather purses 多花款的皮革植物印染

It's a difficult time for most people these days for the lockdown.  Me too no good for group biking or hiking but with limit plants around my apartment I can still engage in sorts of creation with my workmate Mogi.  My friends find him a superstar and a good company to show my works.  He's such a lovely brat.  He never finds boring and so attached to me.
Well, I just done a piece of leather printing and going to do another one he immediately grasped it, quite territorial.  
 I do botanical printing with seasonal flowers.  When there're special species I keen on trying.  These days I tested the new found passiflora coccinea, the red flowers. Combined with others I made some sample scraps on leather.
Passiflora coccinea prints so nice on leather with different color shades from red to brown.  Rational behind I have no idea.  It must be due to tanning of leather done in the factory. Can't rule out the chemical treatment. 

 Another seasonal flower is chrysanthemum coronarium I grown from the seeds Israel master Irit Dulman gave me.  I love this flower so much.  It prints strong yellow.
 Start the making is to wet the leather and roll up.
 After heating pigment of plants released on leather.

 Now that the swatches are good to make into something functional.  So I cut it to make a purse, not one piece but so many after numerous experiments.
Purses with natural dyes and prints.
Wallet made from one folding piece.
A small one for keys or cards.

A wallet or a waist purse.

 A few more for cosmetic or whatever purposes.  

Some of the leather cases made these days..
You will see the fun of peeling off the flowers.  Interested?  You may like to view the instant download pdf tutorial from my on line shop.
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