Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eco printed fabric bag 植物印染布袋

A bag specially made for my good friend, iL.

Last time we met I saw her still using the fabric bag I made her years ago but it's wore out. Happy that she used it till wore out, that means she liked it. Making a bag takes me time. In the market one can buy the mass production at very cheap price. I gave some friends my handmade bags but I know some may not have put to use. They may not know how much effort I've put on making OOAK.   Now I will only give to someone who really appreciates my work. 


The bag I made with the sample prints of pines and euc on  "boiled wool".  
I made use of the strips to put on the fabric bag, that's the theme.

Yellow to golden euc I picked in the train station and dark prints of pines I picked in my mother's area.
I sewed the bag with the fabric leftover of last projects.   It's a mid-night.

The bag is double-layer with inner pocket. Straps are long enough to put on shoulder.  Bag size is just a A4 fit with box base.
Side A
Side B
My friend, iL.  You said when you see the leaves you thought of me.  You know I'm  hooked on botanical printing.  This is specially for you - for your new page. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer scarfs 夏日圍巾

 It's been pouring for the week. Just a day with a beam, I took the moment for the shots of the recent scarfs made with botanical imprints and dyes.  Though it's summer, here in Hong Kong air-con in the malls or in the office a scarf is always needed.  
 This two-sided scarf I printed with eucalyptus, pines (casaurina) and Lagerstroemia indica on the silk jersey.  Intended to do it delicacy with only a few strokes.
While the other side is a pure silk chiffon I dyed in turmeric pot then wrapped with rusty iron pipe to have the dark shades.  I sewed two pieces together.

 Here came the unique double printed scarf of two different materials.
 Another silk scarf (or wrap) I  printed with pines (casaurina) with a few eucalyptus to bring out spots of orange.  It's bundle boiled in turmeric pot  and intended to have the other end with turmeric yellow. 

 I cut the neckline in the middle.  So this scarf is multi-styles, just slip in and tie with the merino flower brooch (with loop), or just wrap around the neck or put on shoulders. 

 Simply a stylish scarf in summer breeze.
Both are on my ETSY  Double-side Silk Jersey  Summer scarf

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Upcycle denim tote bag 裙子變袋子

 This denim tote bag I made with all my favour crafts skills   - botanical prints, wool felt and stitches.
一件新買的 Esprit 牛仔裙,隣居不合穿, 她給我自由發揮,我改作了成為牛仔袋,用我的心思配以羊毛畫、植物印染帶子、蕾絲 、 加上剌繡晶石碎, 就是這大型購物袋。

Indeed it was formerly a Esprite denim skirt my neighbor bought.  It's new but only outfit her size thus she gave me for my free enhancement.  I transformed it with my crafts idea.

 I wet felted a scenery picture, then machine outlined the mountains and rocks.  Hand stitched knots of small flowers.
I further enhanced it with some lace around and stitched some wood shells and amethyst  to make the waves and sands textures.

 It's completed with a waist tie knot which are my sample botanical prints on silk jersey. 
 Back pockets embellished with lace and yarns.  All completed
 The tote bag waist tie is removable.  It can be a head band or waist tie for a jean.

 The upcycled tote bag is tough and big enough for books and any carrying purposes.

Thank you Zeinad and gorgeous Layla.  Let's go shopping then to the beach picnic.  
The bag is listed on my ETSY.
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Copy cat 複製的傢伙

Raw fleece is so fun to play with as well lots creativities to explore. My term "raw fleece" incl. my fluffy brat. Just finished a wall hanging........
如果你愛貓,自己有養貓, 何防加點心思做一些家居擺飾, 就這樣製作罷.......

Raw fleece of this wall hanging mainly from my neighbour's NZ assorted fresh shorn fleece.

Again, I used my cat's hair (white) which I keep after daily combing as the theme. I used my own eco printed chiffon as backing, some silk scraps/ strips as nuno felt embellishment, some bits and bats from previous projects on the bottom. All together...... "rock n' roll" ..... came the textures. My cat's hair is so soft, quite firm after felted.  No wonder his hair felted itself if I'm lazy to comb him!!

After all felted and dried I stitched facial expression.... eyes, whiskers....... See his expression!
"Mogi, are you not happy with the cloning?"
"That's what I can do!"
I've the option of red flowers on but wondering if it looks good.  So it's fixed by pins. Any suggestions?
Since it's nuno felt with my own botanical printed silk chiffon, the back is another look of the hanging.

I've made four hangings /rugs with the NZ raw fleece my sweet neighbour gave me. I've them everywhere in my tiny studio.

My friend suggested me to put them on my ETSY shop. I'm afraid if they knew it's part of my fluffy ball's contribution, that will scare them away!
I love my own cat, I love to make something with it. Better to keep it in my studio.
May be no cloning but needle felt is another way of creation.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Giveaway winner goes to ....幸運兒是 ......

Time to announce winners for the giveaway of my ETSY.  Thanks for stopping by and the lovely comments.  I randomly picked a name from the blog comments for the winner of this shoulder bag I made with my natural printed silk fabric.  The winner is Jan Quarles.  
For the natural printed georgette silk scarf I made with eucalyptus leaves, it goes to the Facebook Page fan Ellen Liner.  Thank you for all those who left comments on my blog or Page. Some of them are so nice to send me valuable advices. I appreciate the help and thank from the bottom of my heart.  

I will send separate message to the winners for address.  
THANK YOU and hope you will come again.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Toast for the support - giveaway 賀一賀佢 ! 邊個?

 Today's a milestone for me.  First is my facebook page exceeding 500 Likes. For a little woman like me to share the little something, this means a lot to me.  Second, my on-line shop just opened.  Thanks for my friends encouragement I finally set it up.  Again, a little woman like me of IT blinded, I finally managed to open is blessed.  What's more is just opened in 24 hours I got buyers.  BIG THANKS to all the supporters, my friends, my clients, my readers...... Ah.....yap my family incl the fluffy ball.  I've giveaways to the lucky ones.   A gorgette silk scarf with eucalyptus and rose prints (size 21" x 63") and a shoulder tote bag (size13" x 14") will be given  to readers who left comments on this blog or go to my facebook page leave a comment there.   I hope to hear anything but if you go to my ETSY and see what impressive or any advices I'd like most.  Not necessary to buy anything, not necessary a praise, any critics are welcome for my improvement.   I'll randomly pick a name who will either get a scarf or a tote bag.  So two prizes.

My friends who know me well known that this kind of leaves prints was my first experiments on silk.  The silver dollar eucalyptus I can only buy from local florists give strong and bright orange/red color. Rose leaves are rich in tannin and give pretty green.  This scarf only with leaves dipped in vinegar and placed on fabric then boiled for 1.5 hours.  This  gorgette silk drapes so nice.

Well, for the tote bag, the prints are my recent experiment.  I used pines (casaurina), euc and Lagerstroemia indica (紫薇).  The other day when I walked with my mother along her river bank I found Lagerstroemia indica (紫薇) and took a little  home for testing.  Found it amazing to have iron mordant with outstanding outlines.  The little piece of silk then transformed to make a shoulder tote bag.  The mirror prints have the same clear prints while the flap I only put Lagerstroemia indica (紫薇).  I braided strap with my own "not-do-good" former printed fabric, sewed the shoulder strap with cotton lining, pocket and embellished with my own handmade ceramic, not a closer or button.  Just embellishment style.
 Bag of both sides
Both my early and recent works.  I love them and do like to share.
Anyone want the chance to win, please go to my ETSY or facebook page and leave me comments.

Deadline of comments is 14 May my Hong Kong night time.
Thanks for visiting.
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