Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wool felted, natural printed and stitched bag 混媒體創作手袋

I'm crazy about bag making these days. Thought a mixed media bag is a trial.  Thus made this wool felted, natural printed and stitched bag. 
城市人, 忙碌的生活節奏, 偶爾停下來做點剌繡, 是生活調劑, 把小片的剌繡拼合與羊毛氈化做一個手提袋, 加上天然植物印染, 是近日的創作.

I used  natural white wool and a little curly locks for texture. A thin plastic sheet was enclosed  and removed after felted the "window" for the stitched hemp.  
 I stitched  a hemp some time ago.  No idea what the knots I made, just twisted and stitched.  Rachel's stitches are great reference and the blog HRvaerk is inspiring.

Next was to do natural print. I laid the euc silver dollar on both sides with thread fixed, covered with a thin plastic kitchen wrap.
Bundle boiled for 2 hours with euc silver dollar leaves that made the very bright and strong color.
Unwrapped with delight. Both sides turnout strong and bold.  Tie lines are striking.

Inserted the hemp and stitched inside the "window"

Shaped the bag with a thick book

Both sides done.  One  with stitches and raw curly fleece texture, the other side of euc leaves prints. The light prints are from the overlapped prints when rolled up from  top down. 

 Before and after

Close up of the stitches.  Imagine what you see......

A bag of two sides, two styles.
Lining with inner pocket.  Size good for an iPhone and iPad and the handles are sturdy enough.
We're in the hustle and bustle city, doing stitches at times is peace of mind.
Among high rises, we call it "cement forest".  
The tie lines I intended for the birch look, I want the wood feel in urban.
While I was sewing the lining of the bag, he's watching.  
Thanks for being my good company - oh not you Mogi. I meant my bloggers who're reading this.
"See my kung fu leg......."
"None of my business...."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2-bag, not TOO bad 不一樣的袋袋子

Two bags made last week just to add more samples of my work.  Both are made with my natural dyed fabric scraps. 
 The left one flap looks "crackers", yes, intended.  Chain strap detachable for a clutch purse. The right one made "3D texture" look.  Strap and bag made in one piece.
Front and back of "crackers bag" .  Back is decorated with green wool nepps.

Front and back of "3D flap".  Back is with yarn.

 Sets of two bags go with my natural printed & dyed scarfs.
Layout of the "crackers bag" - the silk scrap former look with euc leaves prints.  The technique inspired by Heather and learnt in Portugal from Nicola.  The green wool nepps given by Cynthia.  When I was making the bag, I thought of you, my wonderful friends.

Crackers bag with a brooch made with ceramic & wool. Thought it goes well.

My plate is full.  While making the bag, a bundle was boiling.  Time to unwrap and ecstatic to see the outcome of a scarf.

Bags, bags, not too bag......

I've in mind making something with my stitched hemp with a bag.  This one is in a dye pot.  Will it be  yummy?   Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nuno felted & eco printed shawl 植染羊毛混絲披肩

The other day I bought a new piece of fabric.  The shop owner said it's silk but it looks like wool.  It doesn't matter as long it felts it works for me as I just want to try eco printing.  
Ahhhhh...... it works and a shawl is made..........
日前在布行買了一塊很特別的料子, 老闆說是新到的絲料, 但我看似是羊毛料, 沒關係罷, 我祗是想做羊毛氈化後再做植物印染, 經過一輪手作, 果然好特別的效果, 那料子我做了兩件披肩, 一大一小, 這個冬天可有用場了.

This is the fabric looks like hemp. I cut diagonal two pieces, one big and one small. Then layered merino wool and some curly fleece around the edge,

After "rock n roll", I finished the nuno felt shawl.

Immediately I put some euc and rose leaves for bundle boiling.

Here it came the prints.  "Before and after" to show details.........

Quite bold and clear with shades.

The fabric is not as soft as silk but the texture is good for a shawl.

I used a l little curly fleece to add the wild look.

Thought it's good.

Two pieces of shawl, the small one I cut a hole and slip the other end in (the left pic).
                               The bigger one (the right) is fine for wrapping around.

                                     With cold days approaching the shawl is  warm for my casual wear. 
     If not, fluffy Mogi gives me warmth.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Workshops in Canada preparation 北美之行備課

Mogi, " I'm a mobile display with no pay, mum always treats me like that.  Can I say no?"
"It looks ok but a bit shades would be good."
"Alright, I'll do other bundles." 
Ok ok, let me do my way........Here comes a few samples....... 

Before and after look
I put some rose leaves and eucalyptus on silk to bundle boil.  With some iron mordant I got shades and outlines. 

Another piece of silk covered with cotton fabric, pretty mirror prints.  Silk got color while cotton got shades of purple to dark but clear.

Mogi, " hmmmmm, this looks good......"

I was invited to run workshops in Canada next month. 
A series of workshops will be held in Langley, BC during 25/11 - 30/11.  I will teach natural prints on silk scarf, 3D wool felt hollow vessel and clutch with 3D textural flap.  Below are samples I made for the workshops.
為準備11月底在加拿大的天然印染及一連串羊毛工作坊, 近日忙於製作課堂樣本, 現在一切就緒, 此北美之行, 寓旅遊於教學、會友及交流 , 深信又是一個不一樣的旅程 !
Natural prints on silk scarf, wool felt flower and bracelet
 3D hollow vessel

Wool felt clutch with 3D texture
Interested parties please email organiser 
I'm thrilled for my trip to North America, not only for the workshops I'll run, but also to learn from renowned artist Pamela A. MacGregor in Ohio for wool felt teapot.  Also to meet brilliant artists Dawn Edwards, Suzanne P Higgs, Ginny Huber......... I'm already in full swing.

Rich imprints with leaves of rose, eucalyptus, mandarin and other unknown.
Have a good day until next

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