Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crimson shawl 被著緋紅

Our company held the annual dinner in the Disneyland Hotel last Fri. Dress code was red or blue. A month ago I made the nuno felt shawl to meet the theme.

為了設合公司周年晚宴的主題"紅/ 藍"服飾, 我早前特地做了這件緋紅色的nuno felt被肩.
I used chiffon as the base and laid the merino wool, mulberry silk and crinkle chiffon as flower. Done by wet felt skill.

After all the "rock n roll", here's the piece.

Close up of texture.

I'm not sure if it looks "vulgar"?!我對這紅色有點猶疑, 好像有些"娘". I intended to go with a jean for the annual dinner. It's normally aceptable on Friday night.

本想襯牛仔褲, 可能好一點.

With colleagues in Disnelyland before dinner.

Well before the event I was informed I'll be awarded for long service and invited to be on stage. I changed mind to go with a skirt.

後來我知道要上台接受長期服務獎, 所以改了穿上裙子, 被在肩上.

Wondering if the look with this scarf and leather jacket was bulging.

如果圍以頸巾又穿上皮外套, 看似"擁腫".

I left the scarf out when I was on the stage. 我還是棄掉圍巾, 就此上台.

We're among the colleagues receiving long service awards. 我們這些服務經年的同事大合照. More than 800 staff members joined the dinner. All were in high spirit for the talent show.

超過800多名員工為天才表演同事打氣, 熱情高漲. Can't imagine I've been with the company for ages.... How many years? 35 years! My days were happy and crimson.
Anticipate to retire anythime and to pursuit my interest.

Life is contented. Can't complain.

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時光苒荏, 日子飛揚而去, 不覺間在公司已服務35年, 可能你已算算手指, 哈哈... 我預備隨時要退休了, 到時我可有更多空間任我"為所欲為".

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A step forward 終於做到似似地

I've been trying to do wool felt picture a prettier look but have no idea.
Renata Felt of Lithuania is an expert. I wish to learn from her but schedule doesn't suit. She has the Etsy PDF tutorial.for a wool felt bag making with poppies painting skills. I ordered from her the file last Friday.
我好想做羊毛氈的花畫生動鮮明些, 但總是做不來, 很想跟一位大師Renata Felt 學藝, 但時間未許, 她的手袋花畫簡直是水彩畫一般細緻漂亮, 最近她在Etsy tutorial .pdf 教做一個罌粟花畫的手袋技巧, USD 31.5 = HK$250 ,不便宜啊, 一個file 祗教一個手袋的做法, 心想HK$250一本書都買到啦 ! 猶豫了好幾天, 我還是買了這個祗有幾頁的 file, 因為我再找不到有其他門路參考, 再者, 我們政府退稅喎, 我這個月又會收到服務了 "N"年的獎金, 正好要 pamper 啦, 買自己鍾意的最好不過. 今日就去工作室做實習, 哎喲, 忘記帶印好的file 依指示做, 唯有靠閱讀幾次後在腦海的記憶做吧, 還好, 花畫及手袋handle做法學到技巧 , 須不大完美, 已有進步, 仍要努力改進.
Tutorial suggested to do the bag in day 1 and other for the poppies painting. I was so anxious to try and went to my studio yesterday but forgot to bring the instruction printout. Just made a mini size from my reading memory. The instruction is clear to follow and I got the skills to make the tough handle and poppies. I did one side with poppies, the back side of the word "Mooi" - means "pretty" in Dutch. (Just wish it's pretty" !)
I used to do poppies so dull as above pictures. I followed Renata's instruction, now seems I've a step forward. I'm happy to learn how to do the handles - it's fun and tricky.

"Mooi" - when spirit is high, seeing everything is "mooi". This bag is not perfect. I know how to do it better, I will practise more. So delighted, I can make it now.
This small purse will be used for keeping my phone, key and badge when I go for a walk after lunch in office.
I love poppies. Love the crimson, love the petals, love the feel of France........

I like to paint poppies.
Even I can't do well ceramic painting, I find it easy to illustrate with a few dots.

After the whole morning I finally made the bag. Time out.
Ya, this is my cup of tea.......

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Simply Life - Food for Thought 深思的簡約生活

In office days, when I'm not engaged, I'd like to bring lunch pack. My meal can be very simple, sometimes rice, sometimes sandwich or salad. Meals going with own made culery is pleasant.

This is fried rice with some chicken fillets, pumpkin and beetroots. Healthy and nice color.

簡單的一餐, "有營有色" - 我的簡約生活Bon Appetit ! - bottom of the plate, sometimes for covering the bowl. Turnover is a picture plate.

Poppies, lavender are my favourite flowers. My painting on ceramic is not good. I can't control the color. Come out always not so bright after fired. Recently, I tried experiments of eco print/ dyeing. Thought beetroots can give brugundy color . I sliced the beetroot and boiled in a pot. So pretty color but when I soaked the fabric in, color doesn't bright as the purple beetroot, only brownish. I gave up.

Then cut the rest beetroots, pumpkin, a little ginger and some boiled chicken fillet. Put all together in a pan with little oliver oil and salt. Covered and heated for 10-min. Pour the cooked rice, stirred with an egg, that's it - a colorful bowl of rice without much seasoning. Sometimes I find myself eclectic in eating. I eat like a bird. My eyes are bigger than my stomach. Buffet is sumptuous but too much and my waste. My motto is "enough is enough".

That day after the light lunch, I promenaded along the office waterfront.

Stolled along and got some leaves with little purple rims. Wanted a go for leaves print.

Laid the leaves with other eucalyptus leaves and caps. Bundled, brought to boil and kept in the thermo pot overnight. To my surprise the green leaves gave green color and caps gave brown though not too bold. The outlines still clear.

I also put the small "round-paired" eucalyptus leaves which used to give deep red/orange color but this time only green. These leaves were stored in freezer for a month. I was wondering if the freezed leaves have any difference in eco print. Have so many queries in mind. Eco print is interesting. Sometimes pleasing outcome, sometimes daunting. Very anxious for the arrival of just ordered book "Eco Colour". Hope to find some hints and answers.

What to do with this piece? Make it a scarf or a bag with stitches outlining the leaves? Of do a nuno felt dress....... ? No idea yet. Doing something unique with hands and eco friendly is food for thought.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eco print and stitches 剌繡環保袋

Yesterday I stayed in the stadio, just for a relax
overnight doing some stitches.This eco printed fabric with maple leaves I made weeks ago. It's two-fold of same patterns on both sides.

I did randam stitches along the outline of leaves.

Just done one side.

I also done a few pieces of book marks with eucalyptus leaves prints.

Woke up in a fine Sunday morning, I went to the beach outside the studio for a walk.

Crystal clear water but only a few people.

In the beach there're some pretty flowers and plants but I'm not sure if eco prints can be done. Sometimes I tried but outsome is daunting. I just ordered the book "Eco Colour" which is very informative for eco dyeing / print.

In noon time, I was eager to back home for the bag making. Just sewed the bag with lining and inner pocket.

It can be used for carrying small stuff, like my wool and tool kit to the studio.

This is a very simple bag with everything DIY with hands. People asked if I'd sell my stuff, like fabric bags or sorts of wool stuff. Friends also encouraged me to launch my brand. Well, frankly I'm not up to scratch. If chances come I may sell my stuff but now only for leisure or giveaway.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cobweb wool cape 羊毛網絡斗篷

It's already Feb, we're into spring and weather is not that cold. A slip-in cobweb is light to put on.
I made this cobweb with merino wool, Wenssleydale fleece and mulberry silk.

Laid a thin layer of merino wool over a bubble wrap resist with an inch outside the margin.

Added on mulberry silk and stripes of red merino wool plus some Wensleydale fleece. Sprayed lukewarm soapy water.

Turned it over and wrapped the the margins. Then put on the same wool and stripes over this side and enclosed all around.

Covered with a bubble wrap. Rubbed over it with a piece of bubble wrap in soapy water helped moving around easily.

Then bundled it and rolled for back & forth 100 times.

Unbundled and rubbed it lightly as washing. It's a cobweb, no need to rub long. So it takes less time to finish. Cut the neckline and completed.

A finish look - light and soft.

I first completed it with very loose webs. It fits my size.

I then remade it to smaller webs. I gave it to my colleague's 10-year girl Jas. I told her that this is a chic design of a cobweb cape, that is with some "holes". Hope she likes it and not be sneered as a worn out cape!!

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