Sunday, August 25, 2019

NGO Fibre Art Creations 纎維藝術創作

Just finished a series of fibre art creation with a group of special participants.  This nuno felted reversible tunic of two layers was done with the co-operation of them to mark the full ending of project.

I was invited to run the art series project with NGO St. James Creations for the members to explore their creativity in fibre art.  They're from rehabilitation services with certain disability yet well trained of special talents in weaving or ceramic making. Under proper guidance and inspiration they can further explore creativity in the fibre world.   First part of creation was eco printing then wool felting.
 Eco printing started by placing on fabric the happy layouts of plants incl. onion skins, rose leaves, eucalyptus, grape leaves, pines, fern or silhouette of cats and dogs cut from leaves.  Each piece is so cute.

Lovely prints with their pure hearts..........

They're also taught paper printing.


  Such heartfelt prints.
Video of their eco prints. Their talents are yet to reveal. 

Not only eco printing they made, the colorful wool felting followed.....
Some of the members have learned wool felt before and others are new.   I taught them to refresh skills of wool laying.  Fishes are done.
Then "painting portrait" with their creativity.

Funny 3D faces
Following are techniques of embellishments with scraps of their previous eco prints.
Sparkling and colourful plates with various fibres.

Skills of "enclosure & reveal"
"Enclosure" - scraps of onion dyed silk revealed.
"Mixed media" - fibre art creation....
Mixed media of fibres is the what I wanted to inspire the participants to create something of tactile.  They learnt how to put their saroi woven scraps into wool to make the textural effect.

Textural and colorful wool felt mugs as plant holders.

What's going on ........
Yes, inspire them to make something funny, cute with their hands to make figurines of their idols.
Happy hand puppets made.
After making their own puppets.  Larger piece of co-operation was encouraged. 

 How about to make a cat scarf, long body cat?  Drawn the template, laid wool.....

 Limbs, tail and head to be stuffed thus resist placed.  All ready to rub......

Isn't it cute with coloured eyes?  

They made it a fun cat scarf.
 A bigger piece of wool "painting" is in the making. Each involved in pulling and laying wool, rubbing and rolling. The most interesting part must be rubbing with soapy hands.
It's a wool "painting" incorporated with their dyed silk for texture effect.
Enclosed shells and raw fleece of roaming sheep and the bright overhead bright sun......
This is a piece of wool felt picture with different skills they learnt.   I wanted them to know how to make something with their own printed silk chiffon in the previous session.
We cut the onion printed chiffon to make nuno felt garment. A reversible tunic with one layer of onion printed chiffon, while the other of pure white with embellishments of wool and mulberry silk.   Each participant helped do laying, lining, rubbing, rolling.....

In a few hours with all the helping hands we made this reversible tunic of different styles and textures.

Light nuno felt tunic for all seasons

The 20-session Fibre Art Creation ended with my final demo of making wool felt rope then cut it open for the colourful "sushi".
Teaching the special talented participants is rewarding as some of them are creative, curious and talkative even anticipating to do more soon.
With the well arrangement and all the handy materials of the organisation,  project closed with cheerful faces in my heart.
Wish them a colourful day!
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