Sunday, March 30, 2014

Botanical imprints and nuno felt coat 植物印染無縫大衣

My BIG project in Israel finally completed.  That is the nuno felt & botanical imprinted coat - a seamless and reversible coat done without using thread or needle.
我在以色列跟隨 Irit Dulman學做的植物印染 nuno felt 無縫大衣剛好完成, 雖然現在以色列已是春天,早晚仍很清涼, 明天北上將會有寒意,這大衣將派用場。感謝 Irit Dulman的慷慨指導, 使我對這nuno felt 大衣製作獲益良多。

One side with leaves prints and the other not, thus make it a 2-style dressing.
Last week I flew to Israel to learn from Irit Dulman the coat making. Irit is awesome and generous to teach me the skills. I finished the making in her spacious studio.
Opening the bundle immediately from hot pot, we're pleased with the fine and delicate

Under a brilliant teacher's guidance, I made the plain white nuno felt coat to a pretty outfit.

"How is the fitting?"

I intended to have collar and inner sleeves some euc prints, make it a style of reversible coat with fold back sleeves.

Though it's now already spring in Israel, a woman like me from sub-tropical region feel cold in the morning. It's warm wearing it while having breakfast in the balcony.   In the coming days I'll be heading to the north of Israel that should be a bit cool. The newly made coat just fit for my stay there.
I'm so glad and honor to learn from Irit Dulman in Israel combined my leisure trip and friends visit. Thankful for her kindness and  generosity. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Set of Awesome Chamomile Dyer 黃花印染

Now is spring in Israel. The yellow Chamomile blooming everywhere. The bright yellow is a good print on silk. 

I tried on paper as well. With other leaves I made a batch of paper prints in Irit Dulman's workshop.
Not more than an hour boiling, came the batch of lovely prints..........each of different layout.

The left is prints on silk, others are paper.  Such a good trial with Chamomile
Before and after on knitted silk

Set of paper and silk prints. Camomile Dyer, I love it to die.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day tour to Jerusalem 耶路撒冷

Today Irit Dulman and here daughter were so kind to come with me to Jerusalem. We took the early train from Tel Aviv along the scenic route, arrived the Old City less than 2 hours. We went through the gate of the Old City walls, walked along the alley markets, to the Christain Quarter, Moslem Quarter, the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall......

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
The Wester Wall
Up to the Observatory Deck for the panorama view of the Dome of Rock, The Temple Mount,

The Western Wall down there Jews standing in front in devout prayer

The Arab houses

The beautiful weather allowed us to see clear and further 

Visitors are fascinated by the bazaars and markets of the Middle East souvenirs
 "Humus" is the Arab food we tasted
After the Old City tour we entered the Israel Museum for the exhibits of Jewish wardrobe 

In the museum yard there's an object with reflection, oh sorry, didn't note what it is.
Facing it found our funny look
The other side is a sculpture of Hebrew LOVE

Sunset ray through the window.  Call it a day, we took the train back to the city. 
Thank you Irit and Oyla for the day with me. Tomorrow will have my big project done. Thrilled for it!

Botanical imprints workshop Israel 以色列植物印染

To prepare the workshop taught by Irit Dulman, we went to the Forest-Abboretum to pluck  sorts of euc leaves and the yellow flower Camomile Dyer

Make sure all in good order
Lots of leaves, euc, Casuarina, guava, oak, maple... 
The yellow flowers are so yummy.....

We're kind to nature. The snails attached under the petals were set free. We picked them out and put them back to the flower field before we soaked the flowers in alum.
Next morning, The workshop ran on schedule with Irit's introduction and demo.
Students started the laying and bundling.
After 2 sessions of different skills, it's my turn to share.
Irit's students made amazing prints. The Casuarina and yellow flowers are quite strong prints.
Students each done a few bundles with different methods and mordants
Opening bundles are always excited. 
Prints on this cotton top are so fine and detailed.
All these amazing outcome  under the guidance of Irit Dulman are truly amazing.
Bundles of these in purple dye pot are waiting to open.
Effect on cotton with fine outlines
Casuarina and the yellow Camomile Dyer are bold and strong with iron.
Such great experiments with different skills and different come out.
I'm glad for the chance of meeting some Facebook friends here in Israel.
Thank you so much for Irit Dulman's excellent organising for her wonderful workshop with a bunch of lovely ladies.  I learnt the new skills and happy to share a session with them. 
My big project is going on. What's it? Stay tuned.

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