Sunday, August 28, 2011

Simple eco-print and dyeing 簡單環保植物印染

This weekend I did two pieces of nuno felt scarves and tried different eco-print and dyeing. The left one is done with eucalytus (桉樹或稱尤加利) barks & leaves and the right one is onion dyeing.

日前做了兩件nuno felt 圍巾為的是要實驗環保植物印染法. 我在路邊拾了些桉樹葉及樹皮. 一件用樹葉, 一件用洋蔥衣, 很簡單的, Yesterday I picked some fallen barks and leaves for eco-dyeing. Indeed I'm not sure if it's eucalytus as leaves are long different from others. The bark looks like eucalytus. Anyway they can be used for dyeing.
I made two nuno felt scarves in a run. I laid one sheet, wet it then cover with bubble wrap and laid another sheet over the bubble wrap. Rolled in one go. I was a bit lazy but this kills a bird with one stone. As both were thin I only rolled for a while. Saved energy !

先做好兩件nuno felt 圍巾, 浸在混有白醋的水中一刻, 這有助上色.

After all felted. Washed throughly and soaked into water with some vinegar for a while. I scattered on the scarf with some leaves and barks as well some onion skins then bundled it with cotton thread. I steamed it with a rice cooker for around 45 minutes and leave it overnight. During steaming the room was full of pleasant fragrance of eucalytus. Sort of theraphy ! 一條圍巾包紮著桉樹葉,樹皮及零碎的洋蔥衣, 以電飯鍋蒸45分鐘, 待十小時後解開. Next morning I was so eager to see how it turned. Slightly unwrapped a little. Oh, got colored. I unwrapped the whole bundle. It turned out onion skin has strong brown color than barks. Leaves have some greenish. It looks like this. The middle brown effect is of onion skins, more bold. The other nuno felt scarf I tried with onion skin dyeing.I put all the onion skins in a new short panty host and boiled it for 45-min. Taking out the skins, I put the scarf and simmered for 30-min till it cool down.

用洋蔥衣漂染的先熱一鍋水加有洋蔥衣, 煮30分鐘, 取去渣滓, 放下圍巾慢火熱 30分鐘, 待涼, 取出, 稍過水便成.

Onion skins bring out strong brownish.

I'm not sure if this is the correct way to make eco-print or plant dyeing. For onion skin dyeing the pot I only added some salt. I don't have any mordant in hand nor any knowledge about mordant. This is my second experiment of eco-dyeing. It's fun and environmental friendly. Will read more info and try to do with other leaves and bundle for a longer time to have bold color.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bottle of Friendship 滿載友情的瓶子

Bottle of Friendship

My friend Heidi left me a few wine bottles after a short stay in my tiny studio. The couple has a good taste of wine & food and now enjoying life. She knows I can make something with the bottles. Yes, I love to re-do something with wool. Here’s the coated bottle made – I call it “Bottle of Friendship”.
好友 Heidi 最近在我的小室短留兩天游游水晒晒太陽, 她夫婦倆一向享受生活, 紅酒美食甚有品味. 她留給我空酒瓶, 知道我會好好利用做點手工, 對我可真了解.
Heidi is my good friend since teenage. We’d lots of travels together. We’ve been to China, to Sausalito, Alcatraz Island in the States, walked the dogs with Jan in Gloucestershire. She’s a cheerful lady, with her company I’ll never bored. What made us most impressive was the journey to Provence, France. On our way to Nyons from Montepillar we passed by the lavender field – the first sight of lavender made us excited.
Heidi 是我在學時死黨, 多年來, (真係好多年, 嘻嘻..), 我們結伴旅遊, 嚐潮汕美食, 閑遊美國 Sausalito, Alcatraz 小島, 在英國鄉間溜溜狗. 她的開朗歡樂, 有她同行永無冷場, 與她最近一次去南法普羅旺斯, 甫到埗見到薰衣草田我們雀躍不已.
The bottle was made with memory of our brilliant days in Provence.
戀戀山城, 南法風情縈迴繚繞, 以瓶子盛之.

Poppy is my favorite flower. Just love the bright color. 隨風搖曳艷紅的罌粟花更是我所愛.

Stunning and brilliant 晴空萬里, 花香處處.

Inspired and shown by Kim of Viltalakim I made this coated bottle. I used merino wool and cut the prefelt for poppies. Laid the wool on the resist on one side for poppies and the other for lavenders.

Wet it and do the rolling and fulling . Cut the top and removed the resist then put on the bottle to shape it fit.

I like my friends who drive me challenge for creation. I cherish our friendship. Wave washes away the words but our friendship will never fade out.
我的朋友不時給我鼓勵, 給我靈感, , 海浪會沖走沙堆, 不會沖去友情.

Heidi, this little bay in Stanley surely reminisces your childhood when you stayed in your uncle’s quarter during summer vacation.
Heidi 我知道這個赤柱小灘給你很多童年回憶, 你在 舅父的宿舍渡假游水, 歡渡多個快樂暑假.

I put a slip inside this bottle, it’s floating to your end……….. awaiting your pick-up.
瓶子滿載美麗回憶 漂浮到你的彼岸.
Enjoy life and our friendship forever. 期待下一次悠遊假期……

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wool felt purse 羊毛氈小錢包

Two weeks ago my colleague IL showed me a 2-sided purse, for coins and keys. She asked if such 2-pocket purse can be made with wool. Indeed, a purse with zipper is a challenge for me. I said let me think if I could do it and come back to her later. I didn't forget, I must try it. Now just done this and will be given to her. I made it with my imagination from my trips to France and Holland. One side is of lavender field and little house. The other is of tulips. The ceramic button was also made by me.

Such good memories of lavender and tulip fields.

All handmade, pocket for coins is stitched with zipper and lining.

The other pocket for keys is sealed with magic tape.

This is how it's made. I put layer of wool and enclosed the whole resist. On the other side put another bubble wrap to separate the other layer of wool. Do the same steps of rubbing and rolling. After it, cut the top sides (for 2 mouths) and removed the two resists out then shape it well.

Here comes the one piece two-pocket purse. This is special for Irene. She doesn't know I've already done this. Hope she loves it.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nuno felt hat & scarf

A nuno felt hat just made. This piece is thin and light, good for winter and summer. The shawl base made of organsa is to match the hat.
Materials used are merino wool, silk chiffon and mulbery silk.

Close up of texture. The black flowers are made of organsa and wool. Just love the shining mulberry silk on the shawl.

Steps of making it is placing the wool over the resist. I also put on silk scraps to have a nice look of texture. Then wrap around both top and down sides of the resist with silk chiffon. Do the same rolling and fulling. Cut it and full it to head size. That's it.

On the day I took the photos of the hat by the seashore of Stanley where I've my studio flat, I found these sea urchins. Listening to the echo of waves was pleasing. Indeed I don't know swimming, I scare of sea but I stayed away from the big wave just watching people playing. I think of blogger MaryL. She lives on a boat in the States. Wondering how a wonderful environment is.

I walked to the other side of the bay. Ice cream was tempation.

This little boat just finished a task and set aside.

Cats were looking for fish?

This one was sun bathing.

There're lots of cats - stray cats but lovely. I adore all breeds of cats, even the black cats. When I was young I'd a few black cats. They look mysterious but tame. These were taken last Sat. When I watching them I thought of my own ones. Imagined they're chasing each other. I returned home overnight I seen my Tiger last. Wish him rest in peace.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tiger we miss you (Tiger 在彩虹橋上奔跑 )

It's a heart broken moment. All of a sudden this evening when I back home I opened the door, I found Tiger laid on the floor without breath but still warm. We immediately drove him to the hospital . Vet declared he has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He's a BSH, vet said he might have a heart stroke. He's only 4.5 years old. He's so energetic, sturdy, happy, naughty .... He's a "barbarian" but we love him.
I started my blog in March last year. Tiger was the first post I mentioned. You can see how important he was in my mind.
Writing this with tears, I just wanted to share with you the good memory.

Tiger has bought us lots of laugh and fun. My book of his first year captured the good memory.

No more this sweet moment. Mogi will be a bit lonely. We'll miss Tiger, we'll love Mogi and we'll pick up soon.
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