Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The ever lovely euc prints 可愛的尤加利葉子印染

Eucalyptus cinerea (or silver dollar) are the ever pretty leaves that give bold and strong red prints. With alum mordant it gives orange to golden yellow. For first time learning it's the right leaves to choose. Yesterday I have a group of ladies to play the magic.  
尤加利從來就是那麼可愛鮮明的, 昨日第一次學習植物印染的朋友們驚訝這奇妙的自然色調, 混合其他葉子與心思, 一個下午他們創作了獨特清新圍巾。 朋友們離去後, 我在晚上利用剩餘的尤加利印染一件橙紅主色調的圍巾, 在今日灰暗的下雨天添一點色彩.

It was raining for the last few days, luckily yesterday was fine and cool thus they can play outside and inside. Leaves used were eucalyptus cinerea, rose, casaurina, mandarin and onion skins,  some with iron mordant, alum and others not.
 After my explanation and guidance, they started the laying.  They liked to do delicate placement
 With Mogi's engagement and our chatting,  all placements done and ready for the bundle rolling.
 Eucalyptus were the mostly used
A few casaurina and the round silver dollar to make a blooming.
 After 1.5 hours boiling, unwrapping was exciting moment. They're surprised to see some red, some green, some dark and some yellow.
 This piece only euc silver dollar and a few casaurina looks bright. It's boiled in a dye pot with onion skins thus with tie lines.
 Quite vivid red, orange and yellow
 Everyone was delighted for the outcome, so bold and soft " bright".
 Shades of yellow on silk from onion skins were amazing !
 The clear prints on wool flannel without dyeing as Doris wanted.

Doris just likes the clear and clean. 


So only a few kinds of leaves can make such pretty and colorful scarfs for everybody home.
We can only buy from florist the euc silver dollar.  To make use of the leftover I worked on my own scarf after all gone at night.

I put all the euc leaves, some mordant some not just to have shades.
Oh, after the layout it's raining. Another wet and gloomy day but.......

a red bright yummy day .........
I intended the layout with one end less leaves while other end is rich.  Also have one edge with more yellow dye and tie lines.
Silve dollar red and strong with iron mordant

              The ones with alum mordant are yellow to orange

A scarf with bright and soft is what I wanted on this gloomy day.

Thanks for stopping by.
Wish you a bright and nice day, my dear reader.
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Friday, January 15, 2016

Series of eco fashion from trio-design 設計師的自然回歸時裝展

Not long ago I was approached by young fashion designer/ artist SeeManHo for the bespoke natural prints for her eco fashion exhibition. Concept was all natural and back to nature. With another felt maker Magenta who made the wool felt part, designer SeeManHo made a series of eco fashion with my natural printed fabrics.  Her design is simply fresh, natural and well fit the theme.  Fabrics printed mainly of eucalyptus cinerea and casaurina. Since cotton needs mordant before printing, I have to make soybean mordant thus the process took quite some time to finish.
早前為香港年輕時裝設計師何詩敏 (二犬十一咪) 以天然植物印染 一批主題綿布, 她設計了一系列的自然回歸手工時裝 , 配搭另一位羊毛氈工藝家 (Magenta) 的服飾, 展現自然柔和的簡約時裝.
Wool felt cape and single sleeve by Magenta

This set of black and white, printed with casaurina.

 The linen pants of eucalytpus and casaurina

 A few panels printed with iron mordant euc and casaurina

 All fabrics are bundle boiled for two hours
Such fresh and natural printed series of eco fashion. 
Photo credits to SeeManHo.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Wool felt earthy vase 羊毛氈花瓶

Though I immersed so much in eco printing experiments, I can't ignore my fond of wool felt. Took some time to do a wool felt vase this weekend with scraps of my natural printed swatches, I made this one with flat enclosed resist.
Finished it with shots near my studio, listening to the wave........
縱然沉醉植物印染創作, 我不忘對羊毛氈的熱愛, 這日弄一點植物染的碎料與羊毛混混, 做了這瓶子, 在工作室不遠處聽看  「浪 ● 花 」

The wool batt used is Austrian mountain sheep. It's so perfect for 3D creation. Very easy felt and sturdy.  Enclosed the whole resist template, I put 2 layers only with intention to have a side ridge thus a bit extended the side template.

Both sides with my silk scraps of eco prints, one side with a little Romney and Wenslaydale wool fleece for curly look.  This way of nuno felt is to add some textures on the surface.

After rubbing and rolling, cut open the bottle neck, removed the template and inserted a jam jar inside to full the bottle shape. Left the glass jar inside as water holder.

In an hour the vase finished and the flowers breathing in the seashore near my studio.
A wool felt vase with textures of eco prints and wool fleece. 
One side with ridge is to make it not the ordinary one.

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