Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My eco printed wearables 植物印染服飾

I've lots and lots of fabrics experiments on eco print &dye.  Some are good some are not.  Some scraps are just the size of a small scarf.  I've to make use of them ....... These couple of days I turned them to my wearables.  
 The blouse on the top is printed of eucalyptus (silver dollar), acer, maple, rose leaves.  
做了一塊又一塊的布料植 物印染實驗, 有漂亮的也有不什滿意的, 擱在一邊不如做些衣物, 就此我便簡單的做件上衣及褲子. 我懶沒有做準確的量度尺寸, 祗是把舊衣疊上剪裁, 時下興鬆身, 自己穿, 沒打緊吧. 這幾件料子就是以桉樹葉、 玫瑰葉、 楓葉及一些不知名的葉子加熱印上的.
 A scarf printed with unknown leaves.  A pant of rose leaves.
 Scarf with a wool felt closure

 Scarf and pant printed with rose leaves
 Collar necklace printed with eucalyptus
 How did I make it?  Well.......  My facebook friend Delia from Argentina sent me some dried acer, maple leaves.  I printed them also with my euc and rose leaves.
 Close up of the prints
 I simply put my current blouse over the fabric, cut it in two pieces.   Sewed the front and back. That's it.
Made a pant with my cotton prints with all rose leaves.  

Rose leaves are always my fav. Love to dip some in iron water to make shades of green.  A silk scarf is made with it.

 A small scarp of unknown leaves from the back of the hill, turned to a small scarf.  That's good for the shoulders in air-cond room.
 A cotton top bought from outlet less than 0.5 euro.  Good price but no good for prints.  Tried twice with leaves prints, no way.  Discard it is a waste. Goes well with a bright collar printed with euc.
 All known cloth is our second skin.  We can make it as pretty as we can or just leave it of natural materials - no color.  Played magic to turn it with some color, subtle or organic........ Whatever it is appreciated.  
Beauty is skin deep but my second skin will last longer.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shanghai weaving trip part 2 of 2 上海紡織之行 (二)

I joined the  "Jinze open day and crafts camp" organised  by Jinze Arts Centre because I admire the founder Edith Cheung who has a vision for sustaining cultural traditions through textile.  During the open day we viewed lots of beautiful traditional tribal costumes.........

 the very dainty tribal dress and baby cowl.

 Facilitator explaining traditional rice cakes making on special occasions
 Weaving exhibition
 Explaining the means of weaving
 I started using Saori for weaving
 I used different fibres, yarns, wool ......
In a day I made two pieces

 In between I mixed some wool to make the textures
 Two pieces of two color schemes

 Interesting to make with Saori, weaving can be soft, rough, long or short.  I mixed with some wool so these can be wraps.

In China no facebook or blogging.  Killed my  time at night was doing samples of wool felt brooches for my coming workshops.
The young participants noted my nuno felt top and wool felt stuffs.  They asked if I can show them how to make wool felt. Of course, all my pleasure to share this wonderful skill.
 Such enthusiastic, eight of them each made an iPhone pouch in an hour.

 We "weavers" made our own style wraps.
 In Jinze I bought the book "One Needle One Thread一針一線" - very detailed tribal costumes, embroidery and some steps of making.  Noted the other book "布頭布美" the author is Edith Cheung and the contents are so informative, interesting and beautiful. 
 Can't wait and bought it immediately when I was back to Hong Kong.

Shanghai weaving trip part 1 of 2 上海紡織之行 (一)

Last week I took a 5-day trip to Shanghai for an arts centre open day and crafts workshop.
After a 2-hour flight we arrived Shanghai.  The main purpose of joining the workshop was that it was taken place in the suburb of Shanghai Jinze town,  the town is of 1,300 history and the bridges over the waterway are made of different materials and forms.
I went with my daughter but she stayed in downtown for other activities while I continue my way to the ancient town. 
Arriving Jinze we spared some time to admire the little old town by a boat along the waterway......
上星期去了上海五天, 為的是參觀金澤工藝館開放日及紡織工作坊, 工藝館座落於上海市郊的1300年古老江南小鎮 - 金澤鎮, 小橋流水, 每一座橋樑各有特色及歷史掌故.

Isn't it beautiful?  This is such a peaceful old town in China.
江南小鎮, 古老房子, 美不 ?!
Shanghai is a modern city with lots of high rises but those are not what we're interested.  On our last day we had dinner in an old stone house in downtown. 
Next part I'll show you what I've done in the workshop.
此行與女兒同飛上海, 她在市內有其他節目, 而我繼續在金澤鎮的工藝行程, 在最後一晚回到市內一起在田子坊的石庫門老房子吃日式爐端燒.. 下一網誌是我在金澤工藝館的活動.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Blogging and crafting 網絡工藝

 I started blogging dribs and drabs of my cats, crafts and travels since 2010, didn't expect much exposure.    Just recently noted my blog reached more than100,000 hits. Encouraging is that via blogging, we interact,  we exchange ideas, we meet bloggers in life in the other side of the world. Institute found me for workshops, students even from overseas coming for personal tutorials,  All are rewarding, for me - turning to a new page of fabric & fibre fanatic.  Pleased that I was invited by a popular site as guest writer to write a post of eco print.  My humble knowledge to share and spread the alchemy of nature.    Below is  sneak peek.  
不經不覺我的網誌已有十萬人次瀏覽, 開始時寫寫我的貓兒、手工藝、旅遊... 後來對羊毛氈工藝及天然印染有點心得, 網絡中認識了很多志同道合的網友, 好幾位我們也曾相約在世界某角落相聚, 有些網友成為我的學生, 有一網站邀請我寫一篇植物印柒網誌與其他人分享, 這是我的興趣, 何樂不為?! 

Airy chiffon scarf making - Tie lines on both ends are stressed.
Bundling and boiling......
Pleased outcome
Shades of euc leaves in
Dancing in the wind
Soft in a breezy day
My blogging and crafting are never lonely.  Mogi and you are always with me. 
I've a facebook page, if you like it please go to "Like" it.
In the coming days I'll be off to Shanghai for a weaving open day & workshop - another occasion for interaction. 
"Mum's on the road and left me alone again ! 媽子又上路, 去上海紡織交流喎 !"

 Until next time.
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