Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Fibre arts creation with NGO


 For the last few months I was teaching in NGO St. James' Creation for fibre arts.
To show what's fibre by introducing the felt work sample I done with assorted wool fleece and my cat Mogi's hair along with their saori woven hangings.
 Theme for the teaching was related to plants with the medium of felt.  Students with mental disabilities were able to make lots of wool work from simple leaf to 3D felt painting incorporated with wool, fleece, yarn even real leaves.

Most of them are new to wool felting.  They liked playing with soapy water to make wool felt together.  After rolling wool fleece to firm ropes then cut it off into pieces.
Such eye candies after cut off
Sounds rubbing with soapy hands are most interesting
They made bees, beetles, leaves with yarn.  Learnt how to do layout steps and made leaves, flowers with some pre-felt. 
After each student were able to do the basic steps we're into advanced creation with big layout

A wall hanging incorporated with bamboo
Co-web layout with 3D flowers
Members of the team are mostly good in saori weaving.  They made the mixed media creation with woven panels with some pre-felt and wool fleece....

The long panels became wall hangings and scarfs. 
 Following are the advanced nuno felt creation with some silk or chiffon for 3D textures.  The photos below speak how their works are......

I taught them the medium of creation is wool but sheep are not to forget.  Thus sometimes the sheep are focus of their creation.
Every time we have to revise the layout of wool, wetting with soapy water, rubbing and rolling......
In the later stage of their creation most are team works.  They made the big leaves, roll the long ropes then cut it off to see the colorful texture.  This is how to get the members engaged in fibre arts creation particularly with media of wool.
There were open days of the Centre for the public incl. ceramics and fibre arts 
My session of wool felt is ready.....
They're free to join the making of flowers and leaves. 
The family enjoyed process of flower making.
Wool felt not only for the young but also for the aged.
Wool from fibre to solid is what we wanted to demonstrate to the public the amazing medium of felt.

The arts creation finished with the last piece incorporated with their leaves and flowers felt before.
The boy who didn't interest in wool felt is now so cheerful to show their work. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Goat, sheep, wool, biking - related passion 集於一身的「洋羊」喜好

Series of wool felt fibre arts for NGO just finished and I'm free to do more biking now.  Riding in the north of Hong Kong is always my favourite area.  I particularly love the indigenous villages.  As a fibre fanatic when I know that one of our biking team members Sam has a herd of goats I was so excited to visit him.  Today we went to his farm in the north...... 
in the village of Cheung Lek
there's the house 
 overhead ripening grapes...... such crispy
Sam has a herd of more than 60 goats
They're so adorable! I'd rather want them as pet.
The goats are kept in pen.  Every morning the keeper opens the gate and let them running to the hill grazing weeds and grasses in the surrounding hills.

They know the way up and way back after a few hours stuff full
and me......after a morning with the herd...

back to biking in the village Kam Tin
This is one of the scenic spots I like to bike and never boring.
My passion of biking, eco printing and wool felting all related. Though the local raised black goats are only for food and we don't have wool supply, I do wish to promote the fibre arts of wool creation. 
My recent teaching for a group of people in the NGO has a series of creation with imported wool. 

Next I will show some more beautiful works..... stay tuned.
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