Saturday, April 10, 2021

Fibre art workshops

Gradually we're picking up and back to track.  Fibre arts workshops were held recently.   A botanical printing workshop for the family groups was held in 甲乙丙工作坊. As it's an introduction and for the fun of parents and kids participation I just taught the basic mordant printing on silk with those plants from wild and florist also kitchen waste, the onion skins.  In three hours laying, boiling and chatting they opened the bundles with unexpected outcome.  The photos speak themselves........

Onion skins, ferns, vegetable flowers.......
assorted eucalyptus...... with participants' own ideas of placing.
Leaves both sides will have different outcome.  See how the difference.
 Opening bundles is always excited.
Shades of orange and yellow from the same plant is interesting. It's effect of mordant.
Assorted eucalyptus from red, orange to brown.
The roaming cats.

Eucalyptus and rose leaves
The families are happy with their works.
The other day I have a family with children coming in my place for wool felt making and eco printing experiments.
It's their first time encountered wool felt.  They found it interesting with wool wrapped soap and wool can "stick" together.
They made the felted soaps and coasters.
Other than wool felting they made a small piece of eco printing.
Kids are imaginative.  Their works are nice.

In an afternoon of chatting, eating and playing with my cat Mogi, they made the colorful creation.

 Mogi is so adorable and quite welcome the kids even let them cuddling.
If you find the botanical printing interesting and like to know the making. My on line shop ETSY TerLing Creations  has instant download tutorial, basic one and enhanced one.
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Creation inspired by biking 創作騎行路

Just done a piece of botanical printing with plants gathered on biking. The day I went alone to the New Territories to explore biking route I came across a farmland managed by religious organisation (Amazingland). People there were so warm and nice. They invited me to join their assembly and introduced me how their farm running and I interacted with them what I am doing with plants. With their nice permission I picked a few leaves for my experiment. 
Video of the day my solo riding in country side.
 Free as the birds in Tolo Harbour.
Passing by a theme park in Fung Yuen (鳳園). Though I didn't enter I can still view it from afar.
Alpacas are rare in Hong Kong. So lovely seeing them in a close distance.

The village Fung Yuen  with historic shrines.

Fung Yuen Butterfly Reserve entrance but due to Covic-19 it's temporarily closed.
On my way further to Tai Hang. The area encompasses  walled villages.
The original entrance remains still exist..
The villagers were mainly the members of the Man (文)clan. I stayed a while in the park then heading to next village.
A lane leading to Lam Chuen.
Bridge over a stream
Then along the twisted narrow path......
In a farmland entrance I was invited by kind people to join their assembly.
After half an hour with nice people and a tour around the farm I left with plants they allowed me to pick.
Arriving Lam Chuen river (林村)
Through the tunnel 

It's getting dark. I hurry to return the rent bike and home with plants for experiments.
With the Lemmon marigolds, lemon grasses and the wild guava leaves I got from the farm.

Added a few plants from my homegrown.
Plus onion skins
Layout completed
After an hour boiling, the outcome ......
Oxalis has no colour but discharge is my expected effect of flying " butterflies" and lemon grasses formed strokes.
Guava and eucalyptus 
Little yellow flower of lemon marigold and the leaves are yellow too.
I made a tote bag with the printout.
Seems Mogi appreciates it.
Comparison of Before & After
I made It a hanging or as table runner is fine.

Also a tote bag. I'm happy with the tone of alum mordant so that soft yellow tone achieved
Guava leaf is a good source for eco printing. Combine with onion skins and eucalyptus forms nice pattern.
Thanks for the people of Amazingland who made me a happy stay in their village and a nice printing experiment.

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