Friday, March 20, 2020

Botanical imprints creation

Another botanical imprinted leather purse just made.  I used the seasonal flower Passifloral coccinea a friend gave me to try. 
The first time I saw this species of flower and new to my leather experiment. 

Just a few leaves and the flower for my testing.

 To my surprise it works nice particular the stamen on leather, clear and strong.
 The leaf has no color but impressed veins
 Prints of flower and receptacle are different though both are red.
 For this piece without logwood background the flower prints the same.
 These days to make own sane I sewed the leather prints into something functional.  The scrap just fine for a waist purse.
It's so soft.

 Simple and light to carry.
 In this critical status we have to protect ourselves well. Have to wear facial mask when we're out.
 Mogi, don't panic!  You're well to stay indoor.
 I made my own facial mask with botanical imprinted scrap and with an ornament of a beaded bee my friend gave me from South Africa. Just made the facial accessory chic.
 I am out in my creations.
The mask is sandwiched with a surgical mask thus easy to discard and refill.  This way is more protective.
Stay well and safe.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

DIY eco printed art journal 植物印染小本子

I want to jot down what's in my mind for the next creation.  
The art journal with pages of botanical prints and printed leather cover as well embellished with dainty finds is a keepsake.
Journal cover with printed flowers picked on bike ride, twigs from hiking,  sea shell and stone from beach walk. Before opening it I want to say a big thanks to my mentor master Irit Dulman who inspires my botanical printing world.  The first year I stepped into her promising land I was so delighted to see the wild yellow flowers all over the country Israel.  I almost felt in love of the pretty prints with such flowers.  Two years ago Irit gave me the seeds for planting.  It grown so well and I used some for the printing. Flowers gone and I didn't grow in seed bed this year but to my surprise the seeds from last blooming became thriving and blooming again in my rural studio field.  Can't resist to do some more yellow prints with the flowers.
 Just picked a few home after biking.......

Made stack of paper prints with sorts of leaves then boiled for an hour.
Yellow flowers are the outstanding prints among other leaves.
With Mogi's paw stamp my prints approved.
 Is it nice to make the all-purpose card?
  This brat says hi to you.

Bind with other papers to make an art journal with eco printed leather cover is another good idea.
 By the sea to read my story of creation while listening to the wave.
Jot down ideas of inspiration after a day or write my diary.
Holding a physical art book is contented that memories are not easily wash away. Bond in the art book and enclosed with leather cover, knotted with a broken procelain scrap.
Making art journal is part of my journey of eco printing.
As to steps of making botanical paper prints and fabric prints you may like to view my instant download pdf tutorial ,for leather prints pdf tutorial in my ETSY.

That year walked the dog Anna with host Betty, such a leisure walk in the suburb of Israel.
This is how I made the little journal.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Eucalyptus printed purse 桉樹葉印染包包

My passion about fibre arts since nuno felting then eco printing. I've been doing lots of creations.  Just throw some on the mannequin....
This day I was setting for the man's fitting but I don't have male's mannequin.
Thought just put over my displayed mannequin.  It fits well.  The jacket belongs to my biking team member who has some stuff need my mending.
 Biking always inspires my creation.  The other day I went biking I got some eucalyptus windfalls and done a few experiments.
Bundle boiling in the pot for 2 hours......
 Opened it ..... fresh bundle from pot still damp.  While I was mending team member's gloves I enjoyed the pleasant fragrance of tea and eucalyptus.
 After tea....
Another black goji berry with lemon is good drink.

 Well, going to make the experiment swatches into something functional.
The purses are easy to make.

This is botanical imprints on fabric. Eucalyptus is quite good to do on silk or wool, kind of animal protein fibres.  Almost without mordant you can do the simple layout and printing. My instant download tutorial has inspiration for the making.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Botanical leather imprints testing 植物印染皮革試驗

 These days I have done a few more botanical imprints mainly with gerbra flowers and sewed into pouches.
 I can't recall how many pieces of leather imprints I have done and made into purses. A few of my signatures below.......
 They're made with sheep leather and pig leather.  Some are stiff some are so soft.
 It's not easy to buy appropriate leathers for botanical imprints locally.  Usually I source raw sheep/lamb leathers.  Today just got two pieces of quite soft, thin and white dyed sheep skin.  I don't know how it was tanned and was puzzled if it work but good price only about 3.5 euro.  No harm to try.  With the flowers bought I immediately done testing with simple layout.
 Mogi, my cat is always my helping hand.
"Hmmm.....mum it's fine for bundling and cooking....."
 I was expecting the flower prints looks like the previous one done with impressive outcome, particular the gerbra printed so nice.
Opened it with curiosity but I was not pleased and the leather shrank almost half the original size and the flower printed just purple without "in-depth" look and other plants even without color.
 Anyway I mounted it to air dry.
 The more it's getting dry the more it's stiff.

 Though not a successful printing I wanted to make it functional. I cut it to make a few pouches.
Zipper, lining label..... all in hand.
 Leather is a bit stiff so I cut and sew it while it's not all dried. Otherwise it's hard for machine sewing.

It's done. Prints of both sides.
Another one of both sides

 This one is disaster, all dark without much prints.         Still made it into a purse.
Printing on leather is challenging and outcome depends much on choice of leather. However we can do trials and even make the swatches into something useful.
 That's enough for a few pieces.  Mogi was so nice to follow me from day to night......
He says "Goodnight....."
Oh, it's my space. His territorial behave always occupies it !

Few of the pouches of different prints and shades.  I like to do small swatches prints as the size just right to make it as make up pouch or whatever use.
 Can I imagine just with natural dyes and ingredients I can make such colorful botanical imprints on leather with different outcome?
Yes, I can make it ....
Last but not least I have an instant download pdf tutorial for the botanical imprints making.  It's simple if you can source the right leather.  You may like to have a look on my ETSY.

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