Monday, May 29, 2023

Taiwan teaching and fibre art interaction

Just back from a Taiwan teaching of fibre arts that incl. botanical printing and nuno felting. A fabulous trip with colorful outcome on leather and cotton printing.  
A pile of cotton and leather printing with local plants, some from students' own garden. 
 Such a nice and eye catching printing.
Student made the linen silk printing and the nuno felt vest with one side of botanical printing and the other of raw fleece and merino.  That made it a reversible style fashion.
Shades of lac with iron for the purple tone background 
Leather printed with gerbera is striking

The big gerbera is bold and strong
Linen silk is good for eco printing
The two-sided wild look vest is chic

Interaction with artist in Taitung is rewarding. They're pleased with the amazing prints and I'm glad to have a great time with like-minded people.

After Taitung stay I also visited the old streets in fascinating Taipei.

A good time to enjoy. Thank you for my very enthusiastic and talented student who made my fruitful trip .


Saturday, April 15, 2023

Spain and & UK travel

As mentioned in last post my visit to Andalusia region of Spain was sharing same passion of botanical printing with like-minded people.  By chance of meeting Carmen and Ana I also explored in the nearby towns and villages in Cordoba and Malaga. It's March warm and  longer daylight allows to see more outside.  Brilliant weather during the period I stayed and stunning views of blooming flowers made me excited.
Gardens and avenues lined with cherry blossoms and sorts of unknown flowers to me.

 My first stop was Montilla after two hours train ride from Madrid to Cordoba. Carmen picked me up from station.
Nice meal in Carmen's restaurant
There are lots of vineyards and olive groves in the village
A small town center of the village
I took a day to Cordoba by bus to the old quarter for a leisure walk
The Great Mosque is a must see sight

The Roman Bridge reflects its Roman past

After Cordoba I headed to meet Ana in Malaga 
We share the same passion of eco printing

We also rode along the Mediterranean coast in Malage

Say hi and stay......
In south Spain is relaxing 
A day out to Frigiliana is another nice stroll, a town known for its Moorish old quarter and narrow streets and twisted stairways. 
One of the most beautiful villages in Spain
People live in peaceful environment.  Each house looks like an exhibition.
Up in the mid for the oversee view
 He says "what do you think?"
 After Malaga I left for London for catch-ups

 Though weather was not too good in the first day I managed to meet friends and visited museums
Huge installation art piece of wool felt in the Tate Modern hall

Hanging art piece of glass chandelier in V&A color tone of the woven scarf Olena gifted me
The following days in London became sunny and bright
 Cherry Blossoms in St. James Park is gorgeous
 A short swirl visit London has to call it a day and time to back home
 My yellow flower journey to Spain is fruitful filled with warm friendship
My stay in Corrina's house like I'm home

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