Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Enhanced botanical printing making

Months ago when I was in Italy for a workshop,  artist Mariette from Holland asked if it's possible for her to learn my way of eco printing.  I said it's fine but just some kind of flowers are out of season.  By chance of family visit in Hong Kong,  Mariette visited me for a personal workshop of enhancing botanical printing. 
Sample and sort of local plants are ready for the workshop. 
We use all natural stuff such as iron, alum, tannin, natural dyes of logwood and cochinael.  Hues of dark and grey, tones of pink and purple as well shades and shapes of leaves applied on silk, chiffon and silk blend linen. Plants are fern, casaurina 木麻黃, ricin 蓖麻, lemmon marigolds 芬芳萬壽菊, grevillea robusta 銀樺, eucalyptus 尤加利, oxalis 酢醬草…..
Outcome as expected and pleased.
Red from eucalyptus, yellow from lemmon marigolds


Grey shade from contact of iron and tannin, yellow of eucalyptus from alum effect.

Blue from Osteospermum, purple from logwood. pink from cochinael

Pieces of samples done in the 3-hour session.

I asked Mariette which part she likes most. This eye catching colors is her favourite.

After Mariette finished her pieces, I used the leftover of the dyes and plants to make another silk linen.  The blanket dyes are weak but still printed well.
Eco printing is intriguing, no right no wrong and no rules. Sometimes mix & match just with iron and tannin it works.

Friday, December 8, 2023

More exposure of botanical printing

 Last weekend it’s cool and sunny. Quite a lovely weather for outing.  I was invited to join in a Nature Bazaar for the theme of natural handmade products in a Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden . 
 Early in the morning I set up the booth. Visitors immersed in such natural ambiance. 
People are interested to try and get to know such medium printing on substrates.
I also have a few wool felt items to show.

Purses of leather and fabric

Some art journals
Handmade botanical printed cards
Botanical printed items sold quite well especially the scarves.

With friends support I’ve a great weekend with lots items sold. Also great that people are getting to know more about botanical printing.

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Botanical printing on different substrates 不同物料之植物印染

Botanical printing is placing plants over substrates to yield colour and pattern by steaming.  Here is my introduction of printing on fabric (wool or silk), paper and leather.  Details may get inspired from my online shop TerLing Creations.
植物舖陳於布料,皮革或紙張皆可,卷成條狀或摺疊,於鍋子蒸煮一小時,不同物料需時不一,且有些要事前媒染處理方能著色,詳細可參考我網店 TerLing Creations 教材。

The left image is layout and the right is the outcome
 The making process is by steaming an hour so pigments of plants released and bond on fabric.
For paper printing is the same. Paper to be clamped in stacks with plants then heated by steam.  

 Stack of paper clamped for boiling an hour.
The print out is ready for framing to make cards.  
Same way of placing plants to make leather printing.  However mordant is needed before printing.
Technique of mordant is a bit different and print out can be done on both sides.
Be ready to enjoy real good fun and excitement when you lift the plants to reveal the print out. 

Have fun making eco printing and discover the endless interest with different mordants on assorted materials for various outcome.   For more info my instant download pdf tutorials are available on my ETSY TerLing Creations.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Italy trip part 2

The trip to Italy was not only for work but a pleasant travel of artists interaction as well sight seeing.  I am honoured to be invited in an exhibition of "Button Art" in a castle in Parma Sala Baganza.

Exhibition and workshops were taken place in this prestige castle 
Exhibition curator Antonio
Marisa and her exhibit

Cristina’s ark work

My leather bracelets with ceramic buttons 
Group photo of artists
I've the chances of travelling in the beautiful medieval town Borgonovo Val Tidone

Day trip to town centre of Piacenza
Another day María took me to one of the  
most beautiful villages in Italy - Bobbio

The landmark - bridge in Bobbio

Portovenere - a port in the north Italy

It's a scenic harbour old town with castles, walking alleys and nice to explore on foot.

Train ride to Cinque Terre is wonderful.  The old fishing villages with colorful houses and clear water.

Twisted stairways up to the tower

It's a beautiful village. I like most is Riomaggiore and Manarola
I managed to bike in the scenic countryside too. 

Fall in Italy is pleasant and crisp. Awesome friends and lots to see, to interact and to feel. 
Love Italy ! Love Marisa and all friends I met during this trip !


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