Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ceramic Cats - Clock and Teaset

Making ceramics of cat is fun. Weeks ago when I passed by a shop selling all cats-themed stuff, a clock of black cat is eye catching. The shape is simple but lovely. Came to mind that I may be able to make it. Well, here's the one I made. His nose is always a " ? "means "What time is it?" The small cats can be as magnets or pendants. 早前行經銅鑼灣, 有一店鋪售賣各類貓貓主題的東西, 吸引我的是一個黑色的貓鐘, 很簡單的線條, 心想我都可以做一個, 就這樣, 我完成了這個 ”貓樣”, 貓鼻子是“ ? “, 就是經常問 “而家幾多點呀 ?”


This is my cup of tea.
Last year I travelled to Wynmouth, saw a set of cat teapot. I modified it and made this one. 這貓貓茶具靈感取自去年在英國旅遊時, 在廚窗看見的胖貓茶具.

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