Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lovely weekend

After torrential rain, sunny days again last weekend. It’s rare these days we have blue skies and clear air. Far distance was visible. Sunday morning I took a walk around Stanley to have a vivid view over the beaches.
Chung Hom Kok beach is jade clear. Though in the hot summer there’re not many people. The bay near Tai Tam Tuk is peaceful. A few boats formed the tranquility. Over the weekend I made a needle felted Scottish Terrier and two bracelets of mixed media with chain & my felted wool stripe. Bracelet pendant bought from Shamshuipo. Necklace pendant is enamel I made. I name it "Amended Broken Heart". The ceramic little girl and a Terrier. I made this little doll in the pottery studio then made a felted hat on it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wool felting likes playing magic

Fun to play with wool again. Tonight Eva, Cythie and Joe joined the wet felt class. Before coming they've no idea what wool felting is about and can't imagine how a seamless pouch is made. After laying and fulling, come out the amazing bags. Eva thought that the colors of a picture were finally painted on a wool sheet. After this session she got the idea and interested to do more about felting. We scheduled next week to do needle felt cakes !!
Cythie made a pouch for holding office access card and Joe felted a mobile pouch. She stitched a lead of beads on the dog that looks nice. A session of felting really needs energy. Have to do rubbing, fulling or throwing. A bit tired but fun and a good exercise !!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Another fun day doing decoupage. Last Saturday afternoon friends and nieces in my house learning decoupage. We put the nice napkin paper under a glass plate with glue and finally sealed with varnish coating. This is an easy napkin transfer craft. All can do and all look good.
They like patterns of tulips , sukura and cupids. I like poppies and Greece flower house. My pleasure to share with friends all sorts of craft making.
What common for us is that we all love cats. They enjoyed making it and fun playing with my Tiger and Mogi.
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