Sunday, April 28, 2013

Such bright prints 學生印染製作

The bright red of eucalyptus cinerea is what Windy wants. Yes, we're doing eco print workshop.
再一次與缸瓦舖工作室合辦植物印染及nuno felt 襟花製作。  這一堂是著重色調層次及扎染技巧,  用的是幾種桉樹葉、 楓葉及玫瑰葉。 三個多小時包包扎扎、 閒談、 看書、做襟花或逛街回來,學生拆開包扎物,且看他們的效果 ....... 
Different sorts of euc leaves on silk chiffon. Some were dipped in iron mordant water.

Students each done two pieces, one with kitchen wrap resist, one without so as to have overlapped and string marks.

After two hours boiling, excited to unbundle ........

Bright is bright - "silver dollar" euc leaves are amazing.

Brown, dark, red, green......iron dipped leaves with dark prints, rose leaves remain green.
紅的紅, 綠的綠, 啡的啡, 黑的黑......

Helping hands for my captures

Shades of rose leaves  
Iron mordant leaves with darker prints 
Green rose leaves without iron mordant 
Each has two pieces done. String marks on both ends are their expectation.

While boiling the bundles, nuno felt flowers were made. 
期間同學做的nuno felt 襟花, 技巧是羊毛混輕紗無須針線製作的花瓣結合.
We used bubble resist with centre holes cut off, so the petals are attached without thread.  A loop at the back is also done in one go.  The brooch goes well with cloths, scarf or handbag 
Thanks gals for joining my class in a Sunday afternoon.   
 Eco printing is such a wonderful thing that we can not expect too much the outcome but each is unique and natural.  
謝謝同學們一次又一次的跟我研習羊毛及印染手藝, 你們的每一件製作都那麼獨特 !

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nuno felt dress 羊毛混絲裙子

Adorable? Mogi or the little dress?
可愛嗎 ? 何是最最可愛?
一件手作無縫小女孩裙子就是最可愛!  以羊毛混絲的表面立體紋理及混入蠶絲線的閃亮效果正是我所要的, 這小裙子簡單清純, 我不打算做植物印染了, 算是一件花女的裙子也不錯 !  
To keep my creativity juice flowing, I like to play again with nuno felt dress.  I got a scrap of white silk chiffon that's enough for a little girl. 
I made it with the base of chiffon. 18-mic merino wool and silk strings. The nuno felt textural surface is what I wanted. 
Close up -  chiffon texture and lustrous silk strings.

These silk strings are such good look on white. 
The silk strings were wrongly ordered in the first instance. I thought they're soft and ready to use.  When I received the pack I realised they're rough and hard as jute.  After searched internet got the idea to degum it myself then I dyed some with Strobilanthes cusia, some with onion skin. 

All look wonderful. Love to play with these strings. Particularly white one doen't need to dye and goes well with anything. 
Fun to play and quick to finish this little dress.  No idea what to do with it as I've no little girl around. How big is it? Thought it fits a girl of 1 - 2 years old. 
See the proportion with Mogi you'll get it.  Little dresses are always adorable.   This one I'm not going to do with eco print.  Just keep it pure.

Sheep on a stone 石頭上的羊兒

Sheep on pasture are cute but we're in Hong Kong don't have large pastures....
香港沒有草原, 羊兒低頭吃草祗是故事書的插圖, 這是我以羊毛包著石頭針氈羊兒的小擺設.
香港市中心有如石屎深林, 但不遠處又有怡人景緻, 昨日刻意去摩星嶺觀賞日落景色..... 
In urban we're surrounded by high rises.  Sheep wandering on rock only.

Just behind my apartment is a big stone - The Lovers' Rock - people warship for lovers. 
We don't have pastures, we've a beautiful harbour with stuning sunset.  Yesterday I went to the Western just wanted to see it. 
Wave washed the rocks. 

Watched for 30-min till it's gone.

Back home for girl's piano.  The wool felted stone is a paper weight.

I wrapped the stone with wool and needle felted the sheep.   It's easy to make.
Thanks Lisa (lil fish studio) for sharing the wool felted stone tutorial.

Monday, April 22, 2013

24-h in my sanctuary 我的創作空間

Yellow, orange, green..... vivid colors of life I love.  My 24-h weekend in my sanctuary started with such bright colors........
週末一位學生從遠處來到我南區的小小工作室學做羊毛混絲手袋, 在四小時的學習及閒談中, 很技巧地完成了一個鮮明別緻的nuno felt 手袋,  很感謝她的熱誠不厭長途到來學習。 
I've a one-on-one nuno felt handbag tutorial with student C.     I appreciated very much for her coming from the far north to my tiny studio in the south island.  She started by layering thin wool and a chiffon fabric with foam resist. On top put on mulberry silk strings and silk scraps for the textural effect.  After almost 4 hours she made it. 
Beautiful color of nuno felt flowers, some curly Teeswater fleece and silk strings which will be lustrous after dried. 
Simple on the other side also with some silk strings.
C. is interested in wet felting.  She self-learnt and made small pretty pouches. For big project like this was the first time. I'd say that making the handle is tricky and doing the nuno felt flowers are wonderful. 
Well done girl.  Thanks for coming to my far away tiny studio.  
My sanctuary is in Stanley.  Sometimes I do my creations or give tutorials.  Also a space to showcase ....... 

The nuno felt dresses learnt from Vilte Kazlauskaite 
Baby booties and hat, ceramics I made earlier....

Little table with wool felt bottle 
A rug learnt from Nicola Brown, Hat learnt from Marie-Clare Buckle.  Vessels inspired by Shirley Cook.
The needle felt dogs and cats.  Ceramic dolls with nuno felt dresses. 
The little corner I do my creations or dreaming..........
Stayed overnight, a walk to the pier...... 
Boats sailing by.... 
My studio, the little sanctuary with inspiration around..... 
Call it a day I picked a stone from the stream to make a wool felt paper weight later.
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