Thursday, July 10, 2014

Handmade Mixed Media Artbook 多媒體創作小本子

 Flapping in the air.......... handmade art book of multi-media.......
 Cover of eco printed euc leaves and sparkling........... hmmmmmm, aroma of nature.....
 With the abandoned paper index dividers in hand, I printed some of them with leaves collected in my area.  My last post of making.
Made it coptic binded with 7 signatures, in between with printed papers and printed silk fabrics
Grasped the remnant silk printed with assorted euc, I made a nuno felted cover with 3D texture.
Finished binding  with sparkling glass beads and enclosed with ceramic buttons
Each signature inserted with natural paper prints and fabric prints ......
made it an art book of more than 110 pages for writing and aroma of nature.

Art book or art journal for any purposes
So far this is my "signature" art book made with the skills I love - ceramic, nuno fet and eco print. 
This item is available in my ETSY shop.


  1. This is gorgeous, and handmade with a personal touch!

  2. Your art journals with the Eco pages and with the very beautiful Nuno Felt cover is gorgeous.hugs Judy

  3. This item is no longer available in your Etsy shop as I just purchased it ;-) I love it so much....It is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much Dawn for your kindness. You made it a "fast moving item". BIG THANKS !

  4. Lovely - it's turned out really well!

    1. Thanks Rachel. I just like making something with my crafty hobbies.

  5. How nice that Dawn is now the owner of one of your signature pieces!! I went back and looked at the blog post I missed..always great to follow your well as to see Mogi's contribution..


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