Saturday, July 19, 2014

My signature art book no. 2 我的 "特色"小本子

Another botanical imprinted art book for a special friend. Leaves are mainly maple, assorted euc and melaleuca quinquenenia (白千層樹).  I intended to make it a bit fun with cat shapes cut from leaves.
我很少 (其實不大喜愛) 為人客做特定作品, 我愛自由創作, 隨心隨意, 不受約束的, 也許是我行我素,  但美國的一位人客已先後購買了我多件製作, 她再要定做植物印染小本子, 沒有指定的款式, 祗要是我的任何形式也喜歡, 於是就用我的想像也很用心的完成了這小本.
Front cover with maple leaf
Khaki is the color tone, paper prints are mainly of dark outlines.
In between I inserted the silk fabric of botanical imprints.
The silk fabric is printed with rose leaves, maple and the euc silver dollar to bring some bright color.
A few pages with melaleuca quinquenmervia
I put the silk prints next to the paper prints.  An art book of five signatures with silk fabrics and 8 pages of 2-folded, i.e. 80 single pages or 160 front & back pages.

A cat - looking forward to the new home.....

The nuno felt cover with my self botanical printed silk
Tied with self made ceramic button
A custom order for a special friend .

The book cover is made with my botanical prints with pines and leaves collected in my area.  I made the mirror prints.  One side for the art book.  The other for a nuno felt handbag.

Making something unique is my way of creation
These two art books will be on the way cross the ocean to the States
Thank you for Dawn's support to my work.


  1. Hello Terriea, you two art books are so very very beautiful and very creative. I love them both. Hugs Judy

  2. I am so excited for you. I just now see where you have got an Etsy shop open. Heavens, when did that happen? I miss out so much on what is new with friends. I am so busy this summer, but trying to catch up on past happenings. Good luck with your shop. You have many beautiful items to sell.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne. My ETSY opened since May and quite well for the time being. We'll see you're engaged. Wish all is well.

  3. Lovely to see "leaf-Cat" staring at his shadow print in the book!


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