Monday, July 14, 2014

Leaves painting tote bags 植物印畫布袋製作

Playing with botanical prints with different leaves, I painted the scenery...... 
 Assorted leaves give shades but I wanted it with "living  things".
 Cut the cow shape on a leaf......
 A Mogi shape on another leaf
 I set four pieces scenery "picture", each with different leaves incl. rose and assorted euc as well pines.  Two with cat shapes and two with cows.

 I cut cow shapes on euc and "India rubber" leaves .
After all set on the silk fabrics then bundle boiled for 1.5 hours in clear water.
 Cows of different leaves but only the eucalyptus is bold and brown I wanted.

 No harm, the other painting with cats are not bad.
 Each of the printing are two folded, i.e. mirror print. 
 Got four pieces of the experiments of "scenery painting", I can't wait to do the tote bags with them. Grasped the cotton fabric, cut it, sewed it..... all done in the weekend......
 with his supervision
 The four tote bags, 2-sided and reversible. Same size, each 36 cm x 37cm  with lining and 2 internal pockets.

 Tote bags for grocery,  book carrier or whatever purposes.

 Love the cats, love the cows. They're my creation inspiration. I recalled the day I visited a friend in Lantau (大嶼山 水口村), there're lots of wild cows.  I just love them roaming  (last post).  Coming Friday I'll go hiking with a group and will be there .  Hope to see some cows again.
 Right after I posted the printing on facebook, a friend Lisa already bought this bag because she loves cats.  Thanks Lisa for making this "fast moving item"

"Mum, it's midnight, I'm tired.  ZZzzzzzzzz"
Until next time.


  1. Liściowe kociambry to dla mnie numer jeden!

  2. oh Terrie, such beautiful artistic creations!

  3. They are lovely Terrie, my favourite is the cow prints :)

  4. Terriea--This is really a unique application of eco-printing! You are so skilled at it, now, you can fine-tune it
    to create representational art! Fantastic!!

  5. You never fail to impress, Terriea! Gorgeous.

  6. I am so out of touch here lately, once again I will have to go back and see what is new with you dear friend. I see the tote and love the impressions of cows and the cat impressions. So nice that you sold the tote so quickly. Your hard work is paying off nicely. Hope all is well with you.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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