Monday, September 29, 2014

Red -Tote bag from eco prints 點點紅植物染布袋

 My last post mentioned about the prints on the new flannel I tested on. The fabric takes bold prints, particularly the red of euc silver dollar.
 The dog and cat silhouette I further enhanced the outline by a sharpie.  Cat looks like a cat but a dog...... only the owner knows it is, I'm afraid !  
The prints on a small flannel is a test but turn it into something practical would be great.
 So I used the different cotton scraps from stash made the back and the lining.  The straps are also eco prints of another testing on flannel.
 A tote bag with two inner pocket of same red color but different pattern.
 The tote bag is big enough and strong enough to hold two thick books.  Whatever purposes the prints turned into a practical item is what I wanted.
 What do you think Mogi?
Mogi, "hmmmmmmm.......good shade for me!"
 This is how it was made from scratch to finished. 
Red is the tone I love from eco print.  It's still mystery for me why euc  silver dollar gives such bright ad bold red.  No idea, if someone knows and share would be great. 

 Yesterday was a sunny Sunday.  I went to my studio and picked some casaurina and the dried cones.  Will do some testing on dry cones to see the outcome.
 On my way passing the park, the red running kids caught my sight. There was a rugby event for the families.
Red is thriving......
 Mogi, " have a good day !"


  1. The bright orange puzzles me too, but it's lovely!

  2. Love those pieces you have made…and I think every shade suits Mogi! xx ..Will be heading soon to Betty's..hope can post from there!


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