Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lonely Planet 大地紅心

 Lonely heart ?  No, not alone......
You said you're beside me on my travels.  
 The two silhouettes are meeting and hope will meet in person one day.  You know who you are! 

 Mogi said, " just wish I could meet this pretty soul !"
Mum said, " I do wish to meet her mum too !"
 Well, back home back to our country side.  The past Friday I went with the group for the Friday hiking on Lantau
 Villages in the lush
 You said you love and bold with pine cones.  When I saw the pines I picked a little for eco prints.
 Trail up and down to the sea side
 The beach lined with casaurina but too high to reach the cones
 I picked a few pieces of leafs to cut the silhouette, even tried on banana leaf
 Laid on flannel fabric and boiled for 2 hours
 Pines and euc are bold with iron mordant
 Cat & dog meeting in Tuscany
 Planet with a big heart and many small hearts.  I'm not lonely

 Just pines and two sorts of euc to make this "Warm Hearted" print

 Violet Rose and Mogi virtual meet

 They meet on the flannel which I may do something with to make it practical.
Thanks friends for following me. My Facebook page reached 600 that's encouraging for me as a little woman who can share and  travel to meet the like-minded.

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  1. Wonderfully ingenious - and the patterns within the shapes you cut out are lovely!


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