Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm not boring because of you 你給我精彩每一天

Yesterday Mr Postman handed me a package from USA. I was so surprised and delighted to have received a beautiful pack of gifts from Melinda, my bloggie from CA. She's so nice to have thought of me when she attended the annual Fabric Convention and bought me the Wensleydale and Romney wool which are gorgeous for my creations. I can't wait to try it today. I made a bag (a vessel or a light holder, you name it).
I just love the wool, it's texture and curely look. Made this pot shape rounded with the Wensleydale and my own made ceramic button which matches with the shape.
The pack of colorful wool comes with a meaningful card and a pretty flower pin. Melinda you're so sweet ! I love all and big hug to you.

I'm not boring because of you, all my friends from different regions.
The stuff I just made can be a LED lamp, a purse or a bag for toilette. With this additional fringe of Wensleydale is icing on the cake, at least I thought it is !
THANK YOU Melinda and YOU for stopping by.


  1. How nice to discover you and your blog when you stumbled across my blog! Lovely gift and lovely vessel! Your ceramic button "fits' just right!

  2. I think the mail carrier is one of my favorite persons! Surprises of all shapes and sizes are just the best!

  3. Wow, I know this rovings find itself to creative hands. How lovely to be your friend.

  4. Lovely work, Terrie. That was so thoughtful of her to send you the roving fiber. I had heard about that big yarn/craft conference in California and wished I could go! Have a lovely week :-)

  5. Thank you all my dear. I'm so happy with this roving and can do more and more lovely stuff.

  6. Gorgeous wool and even more gorgeous craft.
    I maybe prefer lamp idea, it's so unusual!

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  8. suprise packages are the best aren´t they!! I bet you will trun the roving into something nmice again!!


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