Friday, August 3, 2018

New look through the window 窗內窗外之作

I've the tiny studio close to the nature.   Through the window and the door I find more creative being there.  This is the sanctuary where I showcase my works of the recent 10 years from ceramics, wool works to natural prints.
In the rural New Territories surrounded by plantation.....
My window curtain first printed in Israel in Betty's house with the wild yellow flowers then back to Hong Kong I printed with the lemmon marigolds leaves picked nearby.  This means lots to me for the good memory with Betty this spring.

Almost everything in the studio recalls my wonderful times with friends. Prints of cushion and runner done in Ireland in Nicola's house, Wool felt rugs made in Portugal in Nicola's workshop. Ceramics done in Hong Kong Pottery Stall....
Fabulous time in Spain with the ladies to design own garment textile

Mixed media ceramic/paverpol and nuno felt dolls learnt from Sharon in Canada.  Fabric prints with leaves from the studio neighbor.
Natural prints hanging just done in Holland this June. Wool felt hanging with Mogi's hair.  Wool felt teapot learnt in Ohio in Pamela's studio and the blue felted bottle coat done with mum three years ago.   The 3D wool felt vessels with nature inspired.......
My nuno felt garments learnt from Vilte Kazlauskaite in Holland......
Picture of Provence taken with Brigitte....
all those are only part of my works in this little sanctuary.  
Here's the outside look......
a path leading to the house.....
how can I resist not to try the leaves?  The farmer is so kind to give me lots of his produces whenever I visit.

  He gave me the okra I made green salad. The okra is so fresh to attract the little creature.  I picked the big taro leaves for my prints.
fresh picked fruit.....
and the neighbor gave me pomegranate  and guava .  The leaves are good prints

 I use the big leaves of taro and papaya as resist instead of plastic film
the bundle with lots of oxalis, okra leaves and hisbicus ....
wondering how the leaves work as resist?  show you next.....
Grab a bread, coffee time with the fresh langan fruit, sweet corn and okra from the farmer.  That's my country life.  I'm pleased to have the space to do some more outdoor nature related creation.


  1. You have a very beautiful country life. It's nice to see someone so creative as you are.

    1. That's the place far from our high rises I like to do biking too.

  2. Lovely to have the sight of your world!

  3. Świetny pomysł na zasłonkę.
    Uwielbiam okrę, w Polsce kupiłam ją tylko raz. Jest trudno dostępna.

    1. The curtains are the main display and I love it too.


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