Monday, October 19, 2015

Precious time 珍視的時刻

"Sea & Wave" - the theme of the wool felted bottle cover. 

 The blue sea with rough wave is inspiration for the making.
與媽媽共度時光, 教她一點手藝創作, 活動記憶, 早上在碼頭看海看浪, 回到工作室就以 "海浪" 作羊毛氈瓶子的創作靈感., 這 "浪花" 瓶子就是她跟我一起完成, 不錯哩 !

Quality time with loved ones is not necessary materials-wise.  Being together to do some interesting things may be a good time. Last week I spent a couple of days with my mum in my studio. In the morning we went to the pier to see the early fresh fish sale then strolled along the promenade and the beach.  From there we picked some fallen nuts.  Those hard pods are nice collection.
My mother knows I always do wool felt stuff but does not know how did I make it. 
I took out the materials for the setting.  Some wool fleece and mulberry silk as well a foam template. She recalled what we saw in the beach and tried to imagine the layout.  She layered the white Icelandic wool then a little blue shades of  merino wool and the curly white fleece.  This is what we called "sea & wave" and this way to stimulate her imagination.

After the layering and rubbing.........

Put it over the rose wine bottle and shaped it with soapy water
In a short while it's mounted in a bottle.  This simple and easy craft is good for beginners.

A bottle of "Sea&Wave" captured our moments together.  It can be a vase or ......
........a container for the capsules -  the time capsules of our moment.  I'm happy my mother made this, it's a nice keepsake.


  1. It looks really lovely! Congratulations to your mother.

    1. Glad that mum found it easy to do with wool felt. That's the simpliest way to share with her.

  2. What a precious moment to craft with your mother. And she really is an artist!!!!!

    1. Oh yes it's something we found interesting to work together.


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