Monday, October 12, 2015

Upcycled from used table cloth 枱布重新

 Upcycled table runner from used table cloth with natural leaves imprints.
  That's the piece I made with my mother's old cotton table cloth.
媽媽的舊枱布不用了, 棄之可惜, 白色的棉質正好是我做植物移印染的好料子, 把布料剪開數片,找來一些不同葉子加點鐵媒染, 重新又是幾件可用布飾.
 The cotton table cloth my mother has used for decades and a bit wore out. She disposed it but I found it good to upcycle with eco prints.
 The crocheted lace wore out but the embroidery looks pretty.

 I cut into a few panels and used my natural printing skills to make use of them.
Cotton cloth is not mordant but all leaves are with iron mordant.  Leaves laid over the fabric,    rolled up and bundle boiled for 1.5 hours.
This one with eucalyptus, rose and sumac leaves soaked in iron water for a couple of hours.
 This one with sumac and a few pecan leaves.  Outlines of pecan are so strong.

The castor and pecan leaves are rich in tannin thus mordant with iron give dark and bold prints.
 The table runner leaves layout with a few pecan and castor.  

 This panel is long as a table runner.
I was hesitated  to dye it to purple for a fresh look. Thought the vintage look is better thus leave it .
Having a piece of homemade tart tatin with own made ceramics is simply life.

 Waste not want not, another panel wrap my shoulder.......
days are getting cool and we're into fall........ the season I like best.
 Next post will be autumn themed prints with little bit natural yellow.  Stay tuned.


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