Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nuno felt "earthy" purse 羊毛混纖包包

The "earthy tone" purse I made with nuno felt skill.
Textures of the flap is a silk fabric with natural prints. 
以一塊不甚漂亮的植物印染實驗布料作為這個羊毛混纖包包, 這「泥土味」質感總算有點特別吧!
Indeed the swatch of eco prints I done with some leaves was not quite good to my expectation (the left image).  Then I overprinted it with some more leaves with a rusty iron pipe.  After an hour boiling....... OMG, it's even worse, very muddy (the right image). 

To make use of it I tried to do a nuno felt purse with the swatch in order to have the textures on the flap.
But...... the darker prints with much iron do not felt well.  Thought the fabric was too much oxidized  with iron ?  No idea.  Experts may tell me why.
 I've to do a few stitches to fix the dark prints. 
Almost finished but with the closure......
I attached my handmade ceramic buttons. 
A purse flap with the "earthy textures" on the surface and the "coblestone" on the other side. 
I stitched the loops on both sides for a detachable long strap.
The earthy clutch.....
......with the same tone iron dyed strap.......

make it a cross shoulder purse.


  1. It has turned out beautifully!

  2. But at the end you can be happy with the lovely result.

  3. I suppose there are times we are not happy with the results of what we make, but with some imagination we can still salvage it and get something useful that we can be happy with. Do you do embroidery Terriea? Would you have been happier with it if you added some pastel colored flowers with embroidery stitches and some green leaves?
    Susanne :)

    1. Such a nice idea, Susanne. I love embroidery. Would be good with flowers and leaves on it. I always find embroidery stitches are so peaceful. Thanks for the suggestion.


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