Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wool felt chair "羊" 娃娃安樂椅

Woolly girl, " I'm well seated on my comfy chair ! "

The woolly chair with textures - all made in one piece with enclosed resist inspired by the recent exhibitions.
羊毛工藝就是這麼奇妙, 這 "軟陶土" 可造時裝成衣, 更可塑造立體物件. 這 "羊" 娃娃的寶座就是參觀完近日的城中展覽的靈感創作.

There're exhibitions in town, the nuno felt designs of Francoise Hoffmann of " Renaissance of Fashion" in Hong Kong Polytechnic are particularly impressive.

 Just love the gorgeous nuno felt coats

 Another exhibition in PMQ is "Inside Heatherwick Studio".  
The imaginative ideas and sculptural forms of the UK inventor/ designer Thomas Heatherwick are compelling. I got inspired by the Studio's innovative creations - the Spun Chair, the Sculptural Building and the Sun Cracked Earth .

 Inspired by the spun chairs, I made the wool felted chair for my woolly doll.
 The 3-D chair with the textures of the "cracked earth".
 It's made in one piece and I intended to make the stand with the idea of "easy bending" inspired by the sculpted building.
 The chair is mainly of Finn wool with little colored merino. Done with enclosed resist then shaped it to a chair form.

The chair finished.  My husband said it looks like a satellite.  I said it's a throne !

 The chair just fits my doll, post of making here,  comfortably seated with a boy
Wool is a versatile medium to make free forms, flat sheet, seamless clothing, 3-D objects.....  How wonderful to play with wool !

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