Friday, June 5, 2015

"Swirl" vessel " 旋風瓶子

 Versatility of wool is amazing. Ever since I encountered wool felt I almost hooked.  When I discovered other brilliant artists' works I was fascinated by the alchemy of turning wool into textile 3D shapes. Two years ago I went to Pamela A MacGregor's studio to learn tea pot making.  Every time when I see ceramic pots, vases, bowls... I come up all the possibilities of making 3D wool felt sculptures of the same sorts. 
 Last year I visited Israel Museum, the exhibits of ancient pots were most impressive .

 I decided to make my wool felt pot with the inspiration came from those exhibits.
I used Finnish wool,  mulberry silk and yarns for two-sided textures. 

 After some rounds of "rock n roll", removed the resist and took the handy tools for the fulling.
 All full, ready to cut off  both sides to show the textures.

Side one texture of "swirl" made of  Finnish wool.  The other side cut off to show the yarns.
 Embellished with banyan tree air roots.  

My latest work "Swirl"


  1. that is amazing! Brilliant!

  2. What an astonishing piece - well done!


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