Monday, May 25, 2015

Souvenir for a special one 給好友的紀念品

These years I seldom buy souvenirs abroad for my friends but making something for my good friends on special occasions instead.
 Last year when I was in Israel for Irit Dulman's workshop I printed a few pieces with local plants. One of it was a light knitted silk jersey. The plants used were casaurina, oak, rose leaves and eucalyptus.

 In Israel we collected eucalyptus leaves in the park for the workshop with Irit
Imprints of assorted leaves and the silver grey background of iron mordant

Rather than just a scarf, recently I made it into a simple tunic
Folded in two, sewed the shoulders and sides. 

Voila, a simple tunic -  I call it "Silver Grey".
                 Last time when I've a chat with my good friend Amy.
 we talked about eco prints.  I  said I was so addicted to experiments but pity that in Hong Kong not all my friends like the "muddy or imperfect prints".  I asked Amy if I made something for her if she would wear, she said she would.
So this piece is special for my friend Amy. 

Be it a tunic......or a nightie for your sweet dream

 or just a wrap around when you're in the ride of air-con bus 

Amy, every year around this time, we'll have a special gathering for our special days.  Years ago you made me this pretty dream house. I hope you also like this "silver grey" tunic.
每年此時我與好友 Amy 總會想著對方, 也會聚聚, 一次飯局中我說及植物移印染這獨特技巧, 我話:「香港人未必接受這 "烏卒卒" 的衣物, 如果我做了你會穿著嗎 ?」你說:「我會架!」
Amy, 特別送給你,就讓這夏日襯衣隨身吧。也謝謝你給我手作的”安樂居”!


  1. Absolutely stunning tunic Terrie! Love the prints and elegant styling.. what a wonderful gift!

  2. Lovely - simple and elegant!

  3. the dream tunic is beautiful, she will love it very much!


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