Monday, September 1, 2014

It's a vacation 悠閒假期

My vacation the first part in England was perfect with beautiful weather, lovely friends and tranquility. Cycling in the sun........ 

Nature walk in the marsh with high school mate.....

With the neighbor cat under the pear tree watching us....
Doing wool felt vest with sweetie
Tiffany laid the raw fleece to make her wooly vest
With the little helping hands she made the two-sided reversible vest, one side of Eco printed silk and the other of wild curly Teeswater, Wenslaydale, Romney and other unknown fleece.
Absolutely talented little girl made her own reversible vest with me in 3 hours. 

Tiffany you made it !  Put on it and let's model it. All in a natural look.

Gorgeous sweetie in her wild fleece vest. She's quite pleased with her work and I'm proud of her talent.
Cycling, walking or wool felting all are such leisure activities. Not to miss the stunning view in town. This year the Tower of London is spilling with tens and thousands of ceramic poppies marking the centenary of World War I - "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red". Installation is on going till 888,246 in Nov. Each poppy in honor of the soldiers killed in the war. 

The stunning and emotional view of wash of red 

High street shopping is not my cup of tea. A walk to Portobello market on Sat is more than enough to browse the vintage stuff and food.

The night I arrived in London a few days ago was pretty good. Leaving for Tuscany tonight for another adventure. Wish the same good weather when I back again in nine days.

See you again black magic.


  1. Thanks for posting about your travels, Terriea! Lovely photos..including of Black Magic, and friends and scenery! Happy days in Tuscany!

    1. Thank you Ginny. Know you're bond with Italy. Thinking of you aways.

  2. A great success for your small student!

  3. Clever girl..and a great teacher! The vest looks lovely
    Love the photos of the poppies at the Tower of London

    1. This year the sea of red spilling from Tower of London means a lot and emotional.

  4. This trip is awesome just like all the others you have been blessed to take. Enjoy yourself, drink in all the good things the eye can see and the soul can get. So much fun! The Tower of London and all the poppies, how thought-provoking when one thinks of all the lives lost, much like all the monuments we have made to honor our dead.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Thank you Susanne. I enjoy the trip filled with difference, leisure and share.

  6. Tiffany's wool felted vest is gorgeous she did a great job with the excellent instructions by you Terriea. What a lovely tribute to the ones lost defending their country. Safe travels. Hugs Judy


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