Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Another nuno felt girl dress 又一羊毛混絲雪紡裙子

Set of elegance
 自上一網誌展示羊毛混絲雪紡裙子, 我收到查詢有關教學, 甚至海外的安排, 因此做了兩件製作, 一小孩一成人的樣品, 我隣家小女孩 Layla還有幾天便離港, 今日趁天氣良好邀請她再為我展現製作, 看她........活潑跳脫, 時而優雅, 太可愛了 !
 Since my last post of a girl nuno felt dress, I got some inquiries for teaching.  Before arrangements I made two more styles, one for a girl and one for adult.  Grasped the days before my sweet neighbor Layla leaving for good, I asked her favour to demo.  I also made a head band for the match.  She's gorgeous and showed it vividly and elegantly!
 The white one is dress for a girl of 7 , the grey one behind is adult's tunic.  Both made with nuno felt skills, seamless with sewing with 3D textural surface.
 Front and back of the girl's dress
 They're made with chiffon base, silk gauze, merino wool. mulberry silk and my own indigo dyed ramie.
The style is light and airy in summer.
 See..... the gorgeous..... she shows it vividly .....

 Without any instructions from me, a potential model of tomorrow demo so well my piece with her own poses. 
 Two pieces, one for a girl of 7, the same style, same technique, just enlarge the proportion to make for adult, no matter for a  7, 37 or 47...... style goes well.
Thank you gorgeous, you're brilliant.  I'll miss you and your mama Zeinab.


  1. You have a fantaastic little model there!

  2. They are wonderful. I love the blue colour of the tunic. Thank you for the advice on the dyeing with onions I will try it out.

  3. Hello Terriea. The little girls dress and tunics are very creative and love. I especially love the pale green one. Great work. Your model is a sweetie. Hugs Judy

    1. Thanks Judy. I like trying all possibility with wool and silk fabric. Demo by real persons is vivid.


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