Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Treasure under 裙下小寶藏

From scratch to this little girl I made with the basic Paverpol -  fabric craft. I would say this is my new mixed media creation.
Pavepol與羊毛做成的混合媒體製作是我近期的人形布藝創作, 把羊毛與絲料做成質感裙子, Teeswater原羊毛做頭髮, 蜷曲自然,  小娃裙下有風光........

Paverpol is liquid which fabric is dipped and wrapped around wired skeleton to form a figurine. After dried it becomes harden.  My last post of making.

This time I made a smaller one.  The body wrapped with fabric and painted in white acrylic.  The nuno felt dress with strips and merino wool on the surface and black mulberry silk on the top. 

After a little time of rolling and fulling, the  nuno felt dress is done.  I put on the body.

I made the little book with my natural imprints and a cover with euc leaves.

All together a girl in a nuno felt dress holding a little book of natural prints

Back look of the body

Hair is Teeswater curly wool fleece 

Texture of nuno felt dress

Treasure underneath..........

The figurine is sitting on the top of a procelain egg shaped trinket box.
I like to make something decorative and  functional.  My friend gave me this little box.  Thought a doll sitting on it makes a nice pose.  That's why I made it.
實用小擺設是我較喜愛的手作, 這裙下風光藏著小寶盒.

Mogi, "little girl you dropped the book and your rings....."

Mogi likes sitting here in a sunny day..........

and me too, love reading in my sanctuary.
What are you doing these days. 
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  1. Hello Terriea,
    WOW what a super wonderful beautiful doll. You are a very creative and talented lady. Mogi is such a pretty kitty too. I need to try nuno felting. You create such beautiful things doing Nuno felting.

    You ask what I have been doing. Hugs Smile..This past weekend I taught My Very First Needle Felting Landscape Class at our Local Art Place. I was truly very very nervous. ALL my students were so kind and wonderful to teach and their landscapes turn out very lovely. Photos soon on my blog..
    Hugs Judy

  2. Oh, Terriea....You are amazing....talented in all that you do! I may have to try this Paverpol....looks like so much fun ;-) The hat that this charming little girl is wearing is darling....You always add the perfect details....and the book...Well, I could just go on and on ;-))

    Give Mogi a kiss from me....such a sweet, expressive face. Our furry friends bring much joy to our lives.

    Big hugs,

    1. Thank you Dawn. I'm just Jack of all Trade. Whenever I come across new things I want to try. Paverpol is truly another interest I can do with my wool felt work. I'm hoping to make a bigger doll to fit a nuno felt gown. Thought to make a bigger gown to show more detail texture. Making hat I can only do roughly. Your hats design is gorgeous and so elegant. Kisses to Yogi too.

  3. Love that you are making dolls now. They will be such a fun thing to play around with when dressing them and adding all sorts of embellishments. Looks like Mogi is impressed with your little doll too. thank you for coming to visit me, faithful friend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. Your doll turned out beautiful, Terrie! It looks like Mogi's got a new friend. :)


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