Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sea inspired creation 靈感自海洋

I'm lucky I live in the area surrounded by ocean with undulating mountains.  My work always inspired by nature.  This wool felt box I made with the inspiration of sea and wave. 
海洋 - 水、 浪給予創作靈感, 香港的山與水美不勝收, 這個赤柱灘頭經常是我流連之地, 閒日更感悠閒. 這個羊毛盒子就是這海浪影子中完成.
The lid with silk string like water, embellished with the local picked coral.

Tide in tide out...
Solo object on the rock ......
Solo woman on the beach .....

Listening to the echo of wave......

Friends know my area but new readers may interest to see more.
The is Stanley where I own a tiny studio. Sometimes after a stuff finished I like to take shots and stroll around in weekdays. Here're a few bays and beaches.  All formed stunning environment.  When I'm there I imagine I'm in somewhere facing the Mediterranean 

A pier, fishing boats, fishermen drying their hunts on the rock.

Boats need a rest in the winter

Row of typical fishermen houses, now is private property. 
The views may particularly impressive to Judy G.
The day I took the images of the trinket box, I received a parcel from the States.  Judy G of CJStitchingand Blooms was so kind to send me the beautiful things of her handmade crochet bowl, washing cloth, wool batt, yarns, shell, beads.....

Mogi, "Mum's pampered by her readers"

The yarns of turquoise are so pretty. I'll definitely do another stuff related to ocean with these wool and yarns.

Mogi, "Mum has no jade, no gem but mighty hands"

A trinket box for the little wool felt jewlery

A trinket box made of wool, mulberry silk to have 3D textures of sea, wave.  Embellished with glass beads as sand or rocks.......

The lid topped with the local beach picked coral.  
Solo object facing the South China Sea.


  1. What a charming little trinket box, inspired by lovely surroundings.

  2. Hello Terriea,

    Your Sea Trinket Box is most beautiful. It certainly looks like the ocean waves coming and going.. The coral shell on top makes it glorious. I love it when you take you photos down by the sea. Such a stunning area indeed. You are fortunate to have such a lovely beach area to walk on and to dream about.

    I am Happy Mogi approves of all your pressies and is watching over them. Your ring and bracelet is very lovely and make you mighty hands very pretty. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos with us. Hugs Judy

    1. Thanks Judy, our city is vibrant and in a throw stone distance tranquil. We're lucky. Your beautiful materials will be made into ocean theme stuff. Once again THANK YOU !

  3. Thanks for showing us around Terrie :) I would love to live by the sea and go walking and exploring whenever I want..
    Lovely little ocean themed trinket box.. the beach found coral is a really nice touch

  4. I always love what you are doing, but I think what I love more is how you can take something so simple and make a treasure out of it. You have a great imagination and from it comes lovely ideas and thoughts. Everything you make is delicate and soft. I think that shows a good soul with a caring heart.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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