Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A day with a Flamenco dancer

What is life? Do whatever I like, go wherever I want.....
Over the year, I've been trying sorts of fabric & fibre for my creation. All around wool and silk fabrics but with the introduction of Paverpol by Sharon Gerhart, I almost hooked to the making.  This one with the skeleton of wire and Paverpol, I made the nuno felt dress for the look of a Flamenco dancer.

With nuno felt skills I can easily handle layers,  textures and fit to right size.
The dress made with my "not-so-good" eucalyptus prints of silk chiffon.  The orange silver dollar color just fine for the dress although red would be perfect.
My bundle of beauties from ceramic to paper clay to now Paverpol

The size now is bigger and bigger and layers are richer.
Today I took the beauties for a beach walk in the bay of my studio, listening to the echo of
 wave .......

 After a beach walk.... stopped by the bay...

passed by the village houses....

Call it a day with latte and NY cheesecake. 

All the dolls I made with nuno felt I call them "Nuna".  This is the latest creation of Paverpol I love most.  Here's another post of detail making.


  1. What a fine collection of beauties you have there!

  2. If I just glance at the screen it is like your dolls are real people out for a stroll on the beach. I can see you are having fun with your doll making.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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