Saturday, May 4, 2013

Nuno felt summer dress 雪紡羊毛混絲裙子

Busy bee and productive farmer, that's my daughter Jas and me.
 I'm really into nuno felt.  The wearables need a good feature to perform.  Jas is my exclusive model. 
五月天仍有點涼意, 一件雪紡羊毛混絲短裙配上被肩正是我今年第一件nuno felt春夏裝設計, 誰說羊毛衣物祗是冬日衣飾? 誰說羊毛製作夏日不宜? 
She's too busy I have to make appointment. May Day we family had a ride around my studio for the shots of the nuno felt dress just made.
The one piece dress with one short sleeve.
Main design is textural surface in the front. Lustrous look of silk strings and merino blended silk.
Though it's May still chilly by the sea.  Girl jumped to keep warm.
Patient Jas wrapped with a nuno felt scarf to let me take a few more shots. 
The scarf also made with merino and silk strings.  Simple and soft.
Crinkle and textural surface with chiffon, lustrous silk strings and mulberry silk.
Made inside out
Project finished after a few hours
I'm going to do another nuno felt gown of pastel green, a long one.  That would suit in summer.  Who said wool can only be worn in winter? Wool felt can only be done in cool days?  365 days are my woolly days.
Thanks girl for showing my pieces !
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  1. the beauty of your creations are made even more beautiful with your gorgeous model! So light and free, beautiful summer creations,

  2. Your daughter makes a great model, and the dress is lovely!

  3. Piękna sukienka, kolorystyka i model!

  4. Beautiful dress. Very creative. Good luck with the summer one.

  5. Oh WOW Terrie!! I want it!!! Sooo pretty!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!


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