Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Make it a bag 植物印染布袋

Mogi, "Mum made a tote bag with her eco printed fabric."

"She laid out assorted euc leaves and rose leaves.
What?   Make a face? "

I put the leaves on a 100% silk fabric. Euc leaves for ears, eyes, stalk peels of rose for the head outlines.  Two-fold wrapped and boiled in water with a little vinegar for an hour.  Unbundled and sewed a tote bag. 

Mogi, "Mum, it doesn't look like me. Christine S. said it looks like a panda rather than a cat !"
It doesn't matter, just for fun to have a pattern bag.  I made the bag with lining (scraps of curtain samples) and straps (cotton dyed in my Portugal workshop last).
A finished look of two-side bag
A bag for carrying books, for grocery ..... anything as l like.

Another smaller bag also made with eco prints for my friend "IL".  I gave her two years ago a bag with painting.  I know it's washed out.  Just wanted to give her a new one. 
With the lining and inner pocket written - "I'm Original - tk"
Straps are waist strap from used coat

The fabric and leaves are soaked in alum. So prints are a bit yellowish. 
Wish "IL" loves this bag
We're into summer.  Mogi, it's so hot for holding you around but you do inspire me creation!
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  1. Mogi inspires you to make beautiful creations, I love his little face on the bag!! Its lovely and so handy!

  2. So beautiful. Your Mogi is just gorgeous, and so are your bags. I have four beautiful felines of my own, all rescued from the street. I will be signing on to follow, Terrie. Please feel free to stop by my blog for a visit.

    Best wishes, M-T

  3. Love the bag project and of course, Mogi's part in it all!

  4. What a great idea, using parts of leaves to create an animal portrait!

  5. Lovely bags! And I love the "I'm original TK" labels!


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