Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring is sprung for a walk 春暖花開好郊遊

Spring is sprung. In a sunny and warm Sunday I took an impulse walk from urban home to my studio just wanted to see the blooming flowers. 
春暖花開, 晴朗的星期天特地從市區的家去我的赤柱小工作室, 為的是想觀賞途中的盛放紅棉及拾些桉樹葉準備植物印染記事部製作班之用.
Before heading off, some papers with leaves prints were drying in the crisp and supervised by Mogi .... 我要出門了, Mogi 要守護著家中待乾紙張.
I walked up and down from my home to my studio in Stanley....
A charity walk was taking place.  Participants carrying gallons of water for the awareness of "Save Water and Cherish Life"

Arrived the plaza near my studio there was also activity of outward bound adventure race.  Energetic and good ambience.
到達廣場有外展比賽活動, 有熱鬧的一方, 有親子的一角.
A happy family day
Sampans and fishing boats

Little gallery in the alley 後巷畫廊
On the way to my studio I passed by this area Aberdeen where my very good schoolmate Amy lived decades ago. I remember those days I visited her and viewed the harbour from her flat.  Now all changed.
途經兒時小友 Amy 的居所已拆卸重建, 但那漁港依舊.
Indeed the blooming cotton tree was what I intended to see.
I know there's a footbridge I can see from above and close to take photos.
Cotton tree is symbol of resilence and tough.  Just love the flowers,  bright red and "tough".  There're still some buds that would last for another month.
I picked some eucalyptus leaves for my upcoming eco print papers & book binding class.  Spring is sprung.  A good start of the year.
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  1. A lovely spring day for a walk with so many pretty sights along the way!

  2. such beautiful area you live in, I would love to take this walk with you, I suppose I just did!

  3. Spring is indeed here and I hope we all laugh and smile with the sun and nature")

  4. Wauw, you have such a nice weather, here still winter and totally not nice, I want to move to Hongkong ;))
    Great place where you life, I " walked" with you a while. Have a nice warm day!

  5. Thanks all my dear, come along and let's enjoy spring. Be it your region is still cold, warm days are on the way.

  6. Lovely photos Terrie. Those cotton blossoms are gorgeous!


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