Friday, March 29, 2013

Students' colorful binding books 學生羊毛記事本製作

 On the first day of Easter holiday, organised by studio Pottery Stall, a group of 7 talented students followed my "eco print - nuno felt - book binding (3in1)" workshop. 
復活節假期第一日, 難得學生們很熱誠的跟我在pottery stall 缸瓦舖
做「植物印染羊毛釘裝書」, 一整日的學習, 他們製作了各有特式的精美細緻記事本.
First by placing the leaves on papers and sandwich clamped. 
After some 90 min, fresh from the boiler the paper prints. 
Air dried and waiting for binding. 
While the papers were being dried, students began the wool cover making .
After another hour, almost exhausted, wool covers were made. 
Followed by was book binding. 
With alternate papers of printed and blank, a journal of 84-page was made. 
Each of different style and textures.  Some with rope ties some with ceramic buttons.

Great to capture for ref. 
All are unique and of their own creations.
 Thanks for my students making me a colorful day !

Monday, March 25, 2013

Binding book 手作小本子

Lavender is one of my fav flowers.  Not to paint in detail but made an impressive picture of a wool felt journal cover. 
薰依草向來是我的最愛, 何不做一本植物印染本子? 書皮就用羊毛以薰依草做為主題吧.
This is Gorde, France, one of my fav spots.  The little journal cover was made with the memory of the days.

A cover of wool felt, embellished with some glass stones....

Closed with a wool felt knot....

Some pages are of eco printed leaves

Some blank pages for jotting....

Jot the trivial things of my cat....

Stick the pictures of dear fluffy things 
A nice handmade little journal for my fluffy boy
Whose little feet behind it? 
Ahhhh, my Mogi has contribution in making it. 
(Mind that if you don't love cats you may find disgust and stop reading.)
Indeed,  I comb my cat daily and keep his hair. This cover I made with layers of wool in between with the cat's hair.  Wet felt it then embellished with some glass beads. 
Papers are steamed with leaves then binded it a journal. 
This fluffy doesn't like combing.  See how pissed off he was ! 
Well, this may be a journal to jot the footmarks of my cat or myself !
Make something with a cat's hair is a good keepsake.
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eco print wool sweater 植物印染羊毛衣

Can't resist to do again eco prints on wool sweater with a good buy!
在成衣出口店祗是HK$20買了一件簇新羊毛襯衣, 這麼便宜, 怎能抗拒做我的植物印染實驗?
Bought a brand new wool sweater on bargain sale at only 2 euro. 
 Got a bag of rose leaves from a florist and plucked the eucalyptus leaves. 
 I dipped rose leaves in my iron mordant water and brushed a little vinegar over the eucalyptus leaves.  Rolled up and bundle boiled for an hour. 
Here come the prints. 
Bright and bold prints of fresh euc leaves. 
Khaki of rose leaves 
String marks on the botton 
I intended to do the prints with euc on the left with sleeve overlap on it 
Though the rose leaves are not that dark as I expected, it's worth to explore my experiment with a only 2 euro sweater.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Journey of a journal 一本小小記事部

A little journal made of wool felt cover and eco print papers. 
 That will be a journal for the little lovers.  
This wool felt pair (my old posts of making here) tells you the story..... 
Papers are of eco prints, i.e. leaves printed on papers by steaming. After "sun dried", I binded it with cover made of nuno felt (wool + chiffon scraps).
Enclosed with a sea shell on the cover
A tie knot of another shell 
Some of the papers printed with wild plants 
A journal of 7 signatures of total 84 pages 
"Come on, let's go to the brush to pick some windfalls..... to the beach for seashells ......."

Walked up the trail.....  Name of the trail reminds the Colonial era. 
Down to the Aberdeen Reservior 
Aberdeen water 
Arrived Stanley beach and the market
Not many tourists on Monday today.  Quite a leisure walk. 
Tired? Rest on the rock and listen to the wave. 
Theme of the journal cover - "sea & wave" 


A journal to jot my day of walk and inspiration.......  that's the sample of the my upcoming book making workshop.
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My nice day today !  Wish you too !
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