Thursday, March 3, 2011

Relief after the Summit 任務完成鬆一口氣

Tiger, you want to join me? No kidding, I'm not going for shopping or leisure. My trip to Kuala Lumpur is for the support of our stakeholders engagement - a Summit brought together leading professionals and shared their views and insights on specific topics. 我每次出門, Tiger 總愛霸著我的行李箱, 這次可不是遊樂呵, 為的是去吉隆坡高峰會議, 四天罷, 但殊不輕鬆. 此刻任務完成, 可鬆口氣.
Whenever I'm travelling, Tiger likes sitting on my suitcase. Oh, I miss you while I'm out. Are you good boy?

Business trip is not pleasant, have to check emails and do the updates in hotel day and night.I stayed in Mandarin Oriental, facing the Twin Towers. Thought of a simple room service to save time. I ordered sandwiches , drink and salad. The services were excellent even with such a nice table setting pushing in. I did enjoy the meal.

The forum brought in prominent guests, Ministry of Energy, Mayors, Governors, business leaders.....

We set up the reception early in the morning to make sure all were running smoothly.

Major organiser ASLI

Dialogue and debate with active participants.

After the Forum, we have a welcome dinner in a very cozy Malaysian restaurant.

A relax moment for mingles and networking.

These are our wonderful partners who made the Summit a great success.

We'll have another symposium soon in Manila. That will be another big opportunity to work again.


  1. How very fun--I hope you say hi to Kuala Lumpur for me:)

  2. Welcome to Malaysia. I think your trip is fun meeting with people around the world. Hope you had a great shopping spree too :)

  3. Looks like you had some fun and not all work. Did ya get to sight see at all?


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