Monday, May 29, 2023

Taiwan teaching and fibre art interaction

Just back from a Taiwan teaching of fibre arts that incl. botanical printing and nuno felting. A fabulous trip with colorful outcome on leather and cotton printing.  
A pile of cotton and leather printing with local plants, some from students' own garden. 
 Such a nice and eye catching printing.
Student made the linen silk printing and the nuno felt vest with one side of botanical printing and the other of raw fleece and merino.  That made it a reversible style fashion.
Shades of lac with iron for the purple tone background 
Leather printed with gerbera is striking

The big gerbera is bold and strong
Linen silk is good for eco printing
The two-sided wild look vest is chic

Interaction with artist in Taitung is rewarding. They're pleased with the amazing prints and I'm glad to have a great time with like-minded people.

After Taitung stay I also visited the old streets in fascinating Taipei.

A good time to enjoy. Thank you for my very enthusiastic and talented student who made my fruitful trip .



  1. Very nice colour in the garments. I'm glad you had a great trip to Taiwan. One of my brothers went to Hong Kong while you were in Taiwan. He is travelling somewhere else now in Asia before returning.

  2. So lovely to see you are still creating!

  3. A productive and delightful trip!

  4. Are the bright colors on the leather with mordant or not ?


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